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Fake Location PRO (Mock GPS) v1.701061


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Fake Location PRO (Mock GPS) v1.701061
Requirements: 4.2 and up 
Overview: If you like our application, upgrade Fake Location (Mock GPS) PRO - Sponsored version!


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If you like our application, upgrade Fake Location (Mock GPS) PRO - Sponsored version!
You will also get a higher PRO exclusive features:
- Professional
-10 record My Favorites
-10 record Location History
- No Advertising
=== Sharing ===
Using false position App, you can disguise your location, tap around the world will be able to Fake Location.
1. Analog seating arrangement in any country Gps coordinates.
2. You have to find their own place in disguise, whether street, the city where they can perform the most accurate positioning false.
3. Transferring false position message to the community LINE, FB, Whatsapp, so you do not easily be tracked.
4. Can check the location GPS position coordinates.
5. Compass, direction accurately caught.
6. The simple user interface, the fastest.
7. My favorite feature, recording place, allowing you quick access.
8. Fake location history.
Updates version 1.701061:
1. Add Privacy Policy.
2. Optimization mock location speed.
3. Favorite rename.
4. You can choose History open or close.
5. Add Favorite and History to 30 item.
5. More stability.
Before version:
1. Add Favorite feature's Lat and Long for Fake Location Pro
2. Mock location speed optimization for Fake Location Pro
3. Add History feature's Lat and Long.

This app has no advertisements

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