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EarthShape v1.1


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EarthShape v1.1
Requirements: 7.0+ DayDream VR
Overview: Sow the stars! EarthShape is a point-and-bounce VR game of universal puzzle gardening. Using the latest technology, bounce your way around obstacles or maneuver for extra points, all to grow the brightest flowers for better worlds. Dig into the game’s 25 levels of campaign challenges or bounce around in free play mode to hone your green thumb. Discover millions of gene combinations (with more to come) and shape strange new worlds, your way.


Features include: 

• Experience a galaxy-spanning story of lightspeed travel and lighthearted terraforming, narrated by Sue Perkins (The Great British Bake Off) 

• Play with Google Daydream’s intuitive controller for universal challenge at all levels of skill 

• Shape over 25 worlds in the campaign and endless planets in free play 

• Explore worlds with bright green skies and deep purple boulders in a randomized galaxy 

• Unlock millions of gene combinations and mutations to create your very favorite flora 


The StarSeeker should probably dress up warm, because the Holidays just hit EarthShape! 
- New weather system adds snow to many of the universe's planets to get things festive 
- New freeze cells add an icy hazard on the path to success 
- New collector cells reward players who manage to catch all the presents 
- And, of course, fairy lights have been added to the capsule for all of December 
This update also includes some small bug fixes

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Download Instructions:


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