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DRIFT v2.9


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DRIFT v2.9
Requirements: 7.0+ DayDream VR
Overview: Designed for Google Daydream VR 
"... the most eerily provocative uses of the power of VR. Highly recommended." -Polygon


"unlike any other game I’ve played in VR." -UploadVR 

Based on the VRJAM Gold award-winning game, DRIFT is a one-of-a-kind experience played from the perspective of a bullet. DRIFT fully exploits the possibilities of virtual reality to offer a challenging new gameplay paradigm. 

Follow Walter in a crazy adventure and try to achieve perfection while exploring stunning environments. Use your gaze to freely fly through highly immersive suspended scenes and try to dodge obstacles until you find your target. 

Take up the challenge and fly across the 15 unique environments of the main story to unlock 6 hidden levels and endless modes. 

BONUS : Enjoy unlimited slowmotion every Saturday! 

A complete walkthrough is available here: www.sharpsense.fr/drift-walkthrough 


• New Daydream ready phones compatibility.

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Download Instructions:





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