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Fishing Town v1.0.9 [Mod]


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Fishing Town v1.0.9 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Fishing Town is an easy to play fishing game meets RPG-style short stories adventures with legendary and mysterious creatures. Join Lukas and his dad on this most exciting fishing journey. Expand your fishing town and make friends with the villagers! Will you uncover the mysteries surrounding Fishing Town?


● Join Lukas and his dad on an epic fishing adventure! 

● An all new RPG style fishing mechanics. 

● Everyone here depends on you to bring home the fish. Really! 

● Expand your fishing town and make friends with the villagers. 

● Join Jah Marcus in the most happening Full Moon Events. 

● Support marine conservation efforts* by playing Fishing Town! 

*Fishing Town is a partnership project between Touchten Games and WWF-Indonesia. In this project, we set out to explore working with games as a media for awareness raising and fund raising towards the issues of marine conservation and fisheries sustainability. Part of the revenues from this game will be allocated to support marine and fisheries conservation programs in Indonesia, at the discretion of Touchten Games. Google will not be responsible or liable for any transactions relating to donations between Touchten Games and their customers 

Press kit: touchten.com/fishingtown 


1. Try your skill and luck at the Fishing Competition! 
Join our Fishing Competition and win a trip to Wakatobi 
2. Double Daily Reward Bonus! 
Get double daily reward in competition date 
3. Bug fixings 
UPDATE NOW and let the Party begin!!

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Download Instructions:


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