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Geometry Solver Pro v1.31

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Geometry Solver Pro v1.31
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: NaN Geometry Solver is the most advanced application for solving geometry problems. There is a complete solution delivered for each issue to satisfy every teacher or student.


This version is ad free and also contains:
- Square pyramid
- Triangular pyramid
- Thales' theorem
- Triangular prism
- Regular octagon
- Regular dodecagon
- Hexagonal prism
- Hexagonal pyramid
not available in standard version.

Languages: English, Deutsch, español, français, italiano, polski, português, русский,Türkçe,Nederlands

NaN Geometry Solver is the most advanced application for solving geometry problems. There is a complete solution delivered for each issue to satisfy every teacher or student.

The application solves every algebraic problem including those with:
- fractions
- roots
- powers

you can also use parentheses, decimal numbers and Pi number.

An advanced validation of data entry allows you to find the errors quickly and corrects them for you immediately.

NaN Geometry Solver will calculate all the parameters of the figure, if you enter the necessary data. The order of data entry depends on you!

- Do you want to calculate a side of the square? No problem. Nan Geometry Solver will do it for you.
- Do you have an angle and a side of the right triangle? Perfect. Other values can be calculated.

None of your geometry tasks will be a problem now with NaN Geometry Solver. This application has very advanced, powerful and easy - to - use interface.

Additionally, it contains all the useful formulas which you will need to solve geometry tasks. But thats not enough! You do not have to figure it out how did you get a result. This application not only gives you the solution, it also shows you all the formulas which had been used. Pythagorean Theorem, sines and cosines are no longer a problem.

This application is able to do calculation on the following figures:
- square
- rectangle
- rhombus
- parallelogram
- triangle
- equilateral triangle
- right triangle
- isosceles triangle
- circle
- annulus
- trapezoid
- right trapezoid
- isosceles trapezoid,
- regular hexagon
- sphere
- cylinder
- cone
- regular tetrahedron
- cube
- square prism
- cuboid
- square pyramid
- triangular pyramid
- thales' theorem
- ellipse
- regular Pentagon
- Kite
- Triangular prism,
- trigonometry
- regular octagon
- regular dodecagon
- hexagonal prism
- hexagonal pyramid

- You can calculate the inradius and circumradius on a square or an equilateral triangle
- Lots of formulas useful in solving tasks.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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      • Overview of the coming passes
      • Weather conditions for perfect sightings
      • Radar screen with path indication
      • Current location on a map
      • Detection of Iridium flares
      • Notifications and Alarms
      • Share sightings with whatsapp, twitter, gmail, email etc.
      • Automatic location and timezone detection
      • Widget
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      ISS Detector combines data from Nasa, Heavens-above.com, minorplanetcenter.net and weather from yr.no.
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      ✽ The most advanced, yet elegant and user friendly quotation app on the market ✽
      Brilliant Quotes app is a collection of over 3600 carefully hand picked quotes from more than 260 authors. It contains sayings from philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other great minds whose brilliant words inspired many human beings.
      You will find here:
      ❤ Motivational & Inspirational quotes
      ❤ Best quotes about life
      ❤ Love quotes for him & her
      ❤ Friendship & Family quotes
      ❤ Bible & Spiritual quotes
      ❤ Funny quotes to cheer you up
      ❤ Famous quotes from big thinkers
      ❤ Short quotes to live by
      ❤ Death quotes to comfort
      ❤ Thank you quotes to express appreciation and gratitude
      ❤ Heart touching sad quotes that will make you cry
      ❤ Dream quotes to inspire and motivate you
      ❤ Peace quotes to find pursuit of happiness
      ❤ Brainy quotes
      See it for yourself, download it now and get inspired every day!
      ★ Beautiful and intuitive user interface.
      ★ Stay motivated throughout the day with Morning and Evening quotes!
      ★ Explore popular quotes from the Brilliant Quotes community.
      ★ Great selection of authors and categories.
      ★ Save your favourite quotes and add your own ones.
      ★ Learning more about world’s famous thinkers.
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      ✮✮ Nominated for Best App in Google Play Awards 2017 ✮✮
      You’ll be in charge of protecting the diversity of languages in the Multiverse from the evil Uniformis Front!
      Use the language you learn to dupe enemy agents into thinking you are one of them, and to spot other fellow agents that will help you along the way.
      Every language is a whole world of discovery and adventure!
      Pick a language and start your quest now: Learn French, Spanish (from Mexico or from Spain), German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese (from Brazil or from Portugal), Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and many more!
      What's New:
      We spruced up some things. Check it out:
      * Offline mode is now much more polite. Our app asks your permission to use data before downloading courses. 
      * Also in offline mode, the audio plays when you want it to. You call the shots now, baby.
      * Our translations are no longer missing in action. You can now see them when your tablet is in landscape view.
      Mod Info:
      Premium features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
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      busuu - Easy Language Learning v17.1.0.176 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.0+ | Lucky Patcher or SAI (Split APK Installer) | NO ROOT
      Overview: Don't just learn languages, fall in love with them! Language learning couldn’t be more fun and easy than with busuu. Learn Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese with the help of over 60 million international native speakers who are learning, practicing and teaching on busuu.

      Awarded Editor’s Choice and chosen as one of the Best Apps of 2015 on Google Play, busuu's language learning app is effective, the best way to learn a new language, and become fluent fast. Master the basic skills and phrases of the language you want to understand fast with a fully interactive course, anytime and anywhere. Download and try for free!
      Studies conducted at City University of New York state that using busuu for only 22.5 hours is equivalent to 1 college semester of language study… You can now learn 11 foreign languages anywhere and on the go with fast and simple exercises that will take you from the basic phrases to fluent speaking in no time at all. Learn with a fully interactive course, personalised to your learning goals.
      Becoming fluent in a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience and a serious confidence booster. Transform your travel experience, improve your memory skills, practice with real native speakers, study or live abroad and, even better, meet new people and develop life-long friendships!
      ✔ Speaking lessons and basic exercises
      ✔ Pronunciation examples and exercises
      ✔ Grammar tips and exercises
      ✔ Listening/Audio samples
      ✔ Writing lessons and exercises
      ✔ Dialogue lessons and exercises
      ✔ Memory practices
      ✔ Vocabulary lessons and exercises
      ❍ Learn a foreign language with a complete effective course (A1 – B2 levels).
      ❍ Speaking, writing, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, be fluent quick with the best foreign language course.
      ❍ International education, choose from an extensive worldwide list of languages.
      ★ Learn basic words and phrases and improve fast with vocabulary & grammar units, audio dialogues, listening exercises, pronunciation challenges, language games and interactive lessons.
      ★ Practice by submitting writing exercises to fluent speakers that will help you perfect your skills.
      ★ Set yourself a personalised goal to ensure you are reaching your learning objectives quicker.
      ★ Personalised to fit your skills, ensuring the most effective learning curve.
      ★ Learn the most important 150 topics and 3000 words with specific language training.
      ★ Test your knowledge with fun, quick quizzes and vocabulary games to see what words and phrases you have learnt.
      ★ Offline mode will let you learn even when you have no internet connection; learn on your commute, on your holiday - study anywhere, anytime.
      Learn to speak different languages fast with busuu, an effective language learning app you can use anytime and anywhere. Download it now and get started…
      Language learner, if you are having any issues or you just simply want to help improve busuu with your feedback, please visit our help centre at https://busuu.zendesk.com/hc/en-us or contact us directly at [email protected]
      We are more than happy to answer all your questions and solve any issue, so make sure you contact us before leaving your review!
      Google Play – Best Apps of 2015
      Bloomberg – Business Innovators 2016
      Forbes – “Quick, Smart, Better”
      New York Times – “Easy to use & feels cheerful”
      BBC – “Easy way to learn”
      What's New:
      No time to learn a language? Juggling work, studies, gym, family, friends and other hobbies?
      Take the stress out of learning languages with a personalised and adaptive Study Plan that fits around your life.
      Set your goals and your schedule
      Generate a plan based on your availability
      Work towards an estimated completion date, in small, achievable steps
      Learning a language has never been simpler.
      Mod Info:
      Premium features unlocked;
      Languages: Multi Languages;
      Supported CPU architecture: arm64-v8a, armeabi_v7a;
      Supported DPIs: hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi.
      SAI Instructions:
      1. Download and install latest SAI app (Split APK Installer);
      2. Download this .apks archive app;
      3. Install and Open SAI / Choose "Install APKs" button / Find and Select downloaded .apks archive app;
      4. Wait for install and done. Enjoy!
      Lucky Patcher Instructions:
      1. Download and install latest Lucky Patcher app;
      2. Install and Open Lucky Patcher and choose 'Rebuild & Install';
      3. Find and Select downloaded this .apks archive app;
      4. Wait for install and done. Enjoy!
      PS: Make sure after open SAI or Lucky Patcher you allowed STORAGE Permission and Install Unknown Apps Permission!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Photomath - Camera Calculator v5.2.0 build 4000395
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: PhotoMath is the world's smartest camera calculator! Just point your camera to a Math problem, and PhotoMath will instantly display the answer.

      Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.
      Photomath provides:
      ∙ Camera calculator
      ∙ Handwriting recognition (NEW)
      ∙ Step-by-step instructions
      ∙ Smart calculator
      Use Photomath+ for more powerful features:
      ∙ Complete step-by-step instructions
      ∙ Colorful explanations
      ∙ Extra math knowledge
      What's New:
      We bring updates regularly to make math learning and problem solving even easier for you!
      • We revamped app design so you can learn math in a much easier way now
      • Fixed some bugs that may crash the app
      • Newly redesigned calculator
      • General improvements made all around the app to make it run even smoother
      • Improved customer support experience and updated contact information
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Spell Check -Best Online Spell Checker Corrector v5.8990 (PRO)
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: The best spell checker app to run a quick online spell check.

      Apps like English Spell Checker, punctuation checker, and spelling corrector are readily available on the Play Store. However, finding a quality English spelling check online app can be a little tricky at times. If you have been looking for the best app to check my spelling, then you have landed on the perfect app.
      Spell Check - Best Online Spell Checker Corrector is a very handy online spell check app for English spelling correction. We realize the importance of spellchecker, punctuation checker, and spell corrector apps in the lives of students, teachers, writer, and professionals, which is why we have come up with this free spelling test app that makes proofreading easier and allows you to spell better.
      You can use a spelling correction app to learn to spell, check spell, and spell better. For error-free writing and to spell better, you must begin with proofreading.
      If you want to learn to spell, then start with proofreading. Make it a habit of proofreading everything you write to find out the spelling and grammar mistakes in your content before turning it in. Manual proofreading can be very tedious and time-consuming. Alternatively, you can use an app to speak and spell to run an online speller check to check spell errors and correct them.
      Features of Spell Check - Best Online Spell Checker Corrector app:
      Simple and easy to use spell checker app
      You can enter text for spelling check online
      Use Camera or upload an image with text from Gallery for a spelling test
      Real-time quick and accurate English spell check results
      Multiple file share option
      100% safe and secure to use spell check app
      Free spell corrector to identify and correct errors
      What's New
      Some crashes are fixed. And design is improved.
      PRO features unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Chuggington Training Hub v1.3 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Would you like to discover Chuggington Town's best spots? Dare to travel around all its stations winning the games and earning tickets to complete this incredible adventure with which pre-schoolers will learn and have fun.

      Accompany Koko, Wilson and Brewster in this adventure where you can travel around the twelve stations of Chuggington Town and overcome the challenges that you will find in each one of them. Every time you complete a game you'll earn cards to complete Koko's, Wilson's and Brewster's albums and tickets to travel to the next station and unlock a new game.
      In this incredible App, besides the 12 games to learn to count, to write, to know animals, to clean trains, to take care of the dog, to play the piano and much more, you can also complete more than 20 jigsaw puzzles and draw with an art studio full of colors, backgrounds and stickers.
      -    Recognize the numbers and paint the different parts of the trains of Chuggington Town.
      -    Find series of colors in a game of concentration and perception.
      -    Do you like animals? Now you can take care of your dog feeding, bathing and brushing him.
      -    Count how many passengers travel in the train.
      -    Develop your memory in a game that will get more difficult every time.
      -    Learn how to play the most popular songs with the piano.
      -    Ready for the races? Koko loves races and you'll have to help him win.
      -    Have fun in the safari taking pictures of all the animals.
      -    Learn how to write letters and numbers in a funny tracing game.
      -    Begin with your first additions filling up the wagons of the mine of Chuggington Town.
      -    Have fun cleaning Wilson in this simulation game.
      -    Complete the images rotating the pieces in a game of perception and concentration.
      -    More than 20 jigsaw puzzles to complete in which you can choose the difficulty level.
      -    Art studio with colors, textures, backgrounds and cards to develop your imagination without limits.

      Tap Tap Tales also has other applications such as Hello Kitty, Maya The Bee, Smurfs, Vic The viking, Shaun the Sheep, Masha and the Bears, Tree Fu Tom, Heidi and Caillou.
      In Tap Tap Tales we care about your opinion. For this reason, we encourage you to rate this app and if you have any comments please send them to our e-mail address: [email protected]
      Web: http://www.taptaptales.com
      Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Taptaptalesapps/posts
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taptaptales
      Twitter: @taptaptales
      Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/taptaptales
      Our Mision
      Bringing joy to children and contributing to their development through the creation and publication of amazing interactive adventures full of fun educational activities.
      Motivating and helping the kids to accomplish the tasks of the educational game.
      Learning and growing with our users, adapting to their needs and sharing happy moments with them.
      Helping parents and teachers in their educational and caring endeavors with young children, offering them top-quality, state-of-the-art learning applications.
      Our Privacy Policy
      What's New: 
      No changelog
      Paid content Unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Photomath - Camera Calculator v5.2.0 build 4000394
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: PhotoMath is the world's smartest camera calculator! Just point your camera to a Math problem, and PhotoMath will instantly display the answer.

      Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.
      Photomath provides:
      ∙ Camera calculator
      ∙ Handwriting recognition (NEW)
      ∙ Step-by-step instructions
      ∙ Smart calculator
      Use Photomath+ for more powerful features:
      ∙ Complete step-by-step instructions
      ∙ Colorful explanations
      ∙ Extra math knowledge
      What's New:
      We bring updates regularly to make math learning and problem solving even easier for you!
      • We revamped app design so you can learn math in a much easier way now
      • Fixed some bugs that may crash the app
      • Newly redesigned calculator
      • General improvements made all around the app to make it run even smoother
      • Improved customer support experience and updated contact information
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Lumosity: #1 Brain Games & Cognitive Training App v2019.06.28.1910292 [Lifetime Subscription]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Train your memory and attention. Used by over 60 million people worldwide, Lumosity is a Personal Training Program that challenges your brain.

      The 2016 Lumosity Summer Games begin August 8! Play as many Lumosity games as you can to help your country win a medal — and a prize.
      Challenge your Memory, Attention, and more. Used by over 70 million people worldwide, Lumosity combines 25+ cognitive games into a daily training program that challenges your brain. Games adapt to your unique performances — helping you stay challenged in a wide variety of cognitive tasks.
      We’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new ways to challenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.
      Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks, or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Working with experienced designers, they transform these tasks into fun games that challenge core cognitive skills.
      We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. We give qualified researchers free access to Lumosity training and tools — helping them investigate new areas in cognition.
      As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training, we invite you to train with us, and join us in our mission to advance the understanding of human cognition.
      What's New:
      Hey there! Welcome to the release notes: your bi-weekly update on what’s new in the Lumosity app. This week we’re serving up a couple of bug fixes and background improvements that’ll keep your workouts running smoothly. 
      Game on!
      Mod Info:
      Premium Subscription unlocked.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Symbolab - Math solver v5.3.0 [Pro]
      Requirements: Android 4.4+
      Overview: Your private math tutor, solves any math problem with steps!

      Your private math tutor, solves any math problem with steps! equations, integrals, derivatives, , limits and much more.
      (Steps require a one-time in-app purchase)
      Symbolab Math Solver app is composed of over a hundred Symbolab most powerful calculators:
      Equation Calculator
      Integral Calculator
      Derivative Calculator
      Limit calculator
      Inequality Calculator
      Trigonometry Calculator
      Matrix Calculator
      Functions Calculator
      Series Calculator
      ODE Calculator
      Laplace Transform Calculator
      Download the app to experience Symbolab full set of calculators.
      Symbolab Math Solver solves any math problem including Pre- Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Functions, Matrix, Vectors, Geometry and Statistics.
      What's New: 
      * Added new subjects (Limit of Sums, Multi-var Limits, Derivative Using the Definition, Complex Equations, Trig Inequalities, and more)
      * Enhancements and bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: PRO features unlocked
    • By APK
      Speak German - 5000 Phrases & Sentences v2.6.7 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for daily German conversation!

      Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for daily German conversation!
      ✔ 5,000 useful phrases for conversation.
      ✔ Learn German in your tongue (60 languages available).
      ✔ Best FREE app for learning fast.
      Speak German Fluently in Real Conversations
      With Learn German application, you can now explore over 5,000 German phrases for short daily conversations while having absolutely pure fun! Whether you’re a tourist having a vacation in an German speaking country or someone who just wants to speak a foreign language, this application will help you learn German phrases in a fast, easy and enjoyable way.
      Why Our FREE App is Different
      ✔ No internet connection required – play where you want and when you want (offline).
      ✔ 5,000 common phrases – audio pronunciations and phonetic transcriptions to show you how native speaker from Germany actually pronounce them. 
      ✔ 11 fun games – a innovative approach to practice your listening, writing and speaking skills.
      ✔ 4 levels for learning: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.
      ✔ 20 topics divided into 145 subtopics – so you’ll know what and when to say each phrase. 
      Topics for German conversation: Greetings, Conversations with friends, Basic sentences, Travel, Transportation, Hotel, Restaurant, Food, Shopping, Work, Business etc.
      More Features to Improve Your German Speaking Vocabulary
      ✔ Search and bookmark your most common expressions from the phrasebook.
      ✔ Earn points as your German skills progress and unlock all levels for free.
      ✔ “Random Categories” feature to randomly select the topic, subtopic and game.
      ✔ 60 languages –so you could understand and speak each phrase easily regardless of which country you’re from. 
      About FunEasyLearn:
      Fun Easy Learn has developed many applications to help people around the world learn foreign languages for free. Fun Easy Learn applications improve your German skills: speaking, listening and grammar. The dictionary of the apps has human voice pronunciation for each common phrase to improve your speaking skill.
      Speak German easily and fluently for travel, business or fun!
      What's New: 
      We are working hard to make FunEasyLearn app even better for learning languages. Here is what's new in this update: 
      ***Intermediate, advanced, and expert levels added now!*** 
      - GDPR compliance. 
      - You can play now our app on Android 9 
      - Persian and Ukrainian languages added. 
      - Multilevel Selection Feature added. 
      - Synchronization improved. 
      - Deaf Mode added. 
      - Native keyboard feature added. 
      - A lot of small UI changes performed. 
      - Bug fixes and performance improvements.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: All paid features unlocked
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