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Shade UI - Layers Theme v3.3

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Shade UI - Layers Theme v3.3
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: This is Shade UI theme for RRO/Layers and other custom roms. 


This is a dark theme that uses shades / gradient of black and teal colors for enchanting the user interface. This theme saves battery on amoled displays because it uses many dark/black colors.This theme is compatible with Android M (Marshmallow), Android L (Lollipop) and it should be also compatible with Android N (but some items may not be themed). 
Remember to download for free the Pro version to customize the colors! 
You can see screenshots and details below. 

-Many apps of your rom like settings, notification drawer, messagging, keyboard, downloads.. 
-You can see the full list of layers here: https://spam.com/iXAqNW
-download the official wallpaper here: https://spam.com/4fdQ5U

-for Marshmallow 
-for N 
-for Lollipop 
(why? because there are some differendes about what can be themed or not in the various android versions) 

-GoogleDialer and AOSPDialer: choose from normal or shade/gradient background for dialpad background 
-Settings: choose from one column or two columns layout 

-open layers manager app, select Shade UI and apply layers (note: you need to apply also framework to have shades/gradients) 
-download the Pro version (if you want to change the colors!) and apply the overlays that you want 
-reboot (important)


*3.3 version:
-added framework for android N. Now you can customize the colors also on android N other than M and L
-download for free the Pro version of the theme to customize the colors: https://goo.gl/qY7h8o
-If you want, follow me on google plus: http://goo.gl/AFm9wU

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Download Instructions:



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