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Pitch Black PRO - Discontinued v6.2.3

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Pitch Black PRO - Discontinued v6.2.3
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: Disclaimer: You must use a ROM that fully supports Layers/RRO theming!!!


MUST BE ROOTED and have the Layers Manager app! 

*Most layers should work on hdpi to xxxhdpi phones that are using compatible ROMs with Layers. 

For more information on the Layers project, go to the XDA thread for Official Layers and Bitsyko Apps at http://spam.com/e6aZBL

Also, check out the Official Webpage and Forum for Layers at http://www.bitsyko.com

Read the instructions within the plugin before applying layers!!! 



- Make sure you have flashed the Themeable Hangouts zip in recovery FIRST before you apply the Themeable Hangouts Layer in this theme! 

- If you don't have the Themeable Hangouts flashed in recovery, choose the regular Hangouts layer from the main list (it has grey bg and black text still). 

- If you have flashed the themeable version of Hangouts, tick that option from the main list and untick the regular Hangouts option to apply it. 


- If you use the switch to apply all layers, please make sure you untick the Play Music Transparent Widget BG option from the main list if you don't want the transparent widget overlay. 

- If you want the Play Music Transparent Widget, make sure you untick the Play Music Layer in main list and leave the Play Music Transparent Widget overlay ticked in the main list. 

- When and if you want to install a different overlay, you need to uninstall the original layer first and then install the different overlay. 

Applications Themed: 
- AOSP Browser 
- AOSP Keyboard 
- Calculator 
- CellBroadcastReceiver 
- Contacts 
- Desk Clock (just a few black touches) 
- Dialer 
- DocumentsUI 
- Framework 
- Gmail 
- Google Contacts 
- Google Dialer 
- Google Keyboard (change to Dark or Light Material in Google Keyboard Settings) 
- Google Messenger (NOT AOSP MESSAGING APP) 
- Google Now (Velvet) 
- Google+ 
- Hangouts 
- Themeable Hangouts (*Need to flash the Themeable Hangouts ZIP in recovery for this to work correctly!!!) 
- Inbox 
- Instagram 
- Layers Manager 
- Lock Clock 
- Nova 
- Package Installer 
- Phone 
- Play Music 
- Play Music with Transparent Widget Background 
- Play Store 
- Settings 
- SuperSU 
- SystemUI 
- Telecom 
- TeleService 
- WhatsApp 
- YouTube


What's New in 6.2.3?
- Frameworks now included for Lollipop (5.1.x) and Marshmallow (6.0)
- Settings working on M!
- Hangouts and Themeable Hangouts updated to version 4
- Layers Manager updated
- Package Installer updated
- Play Store colors tweaked some in prep for new base app.
- Added Media Provider for sound selection.
- More groundwork laid for base in upcoming new app that'll include all of my dark themes
- Other various bug fixes!

This app has no advertisements


Download Instructions:



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