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PipTec Amber Icons & Live Wall v1.3.7

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PipTec Amber Icons & Live Wall v1.3.7
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Pip-Tec is a theme that applies new icons to the most popular apps through a launcher of your choice


Pip-Tec is a theme that applies new icons to the most popular apps through a launcher of your choice. Each icon was hand crafted with simplicity in mind. The 3,200+ amber icons and 70 wallpapers are inspired from the Fallout game series and the Fallout Pip-boy 3000. icons are xxxhdpi which means they're HD or high enough resolution to get cool looking lined icons on any device out there. 

-- Features -- 
- 3,200+ Hand-crafted HD icons 
- 40+ Pip-Boy HD wallpapers - Hosted on the cloud. Choose and save the ones you want. (All wallpapers shown are included) 
- Muzei support for rotating wallpapers 
- New Icons added regularly 
- All pip-boy wallpapers shown are included. Full Version includes blue and amber icons and wallpapers. 
- XXXHDPI high definition modern, amber fallout pip-boy 3000 icons included for super large HD screens. All Icons are 192x192. 
- Some parts of the amber fallout pip-boy 3000 icons are transparent letting each show the provided scenic/landscape backgrounds or to your own backgrounds. 
- Contains over 3,200 different clean, flat and simple fallout pip-boy themed icons with many variations of default lined icons such as phone, contacts, camera, etc. 
- Wallpaper chooser comes installed to replicate a pip-boy on your device.. 
- Easy link to request more outline icons. 
- Clean, amber pip-boy 3000 icons work best with dark wallpapers. 
- Constantly updated along with my other icon packs! 

Compatible with: (There are free versions of these. Dev recommends Nova Launcher) 
- ADW Launcher - Recommended size: 110% 
- Action Launcher 
- Apex Launcher - Recommended size: 110% 
- Atom Launcher 
- Aviate Launcher 
- Go Launcher 
- Holo Launcher (through launcher settings) 
- Inspire Launcher 
- KK Launcher 
- Lucid Launcher 
- Next Launcher 
- Nine Launcher 
- Nova Launcher - Recommended size: 110% 
- Solo Launcher 
- Smart Launcher 
- Themer 
- TSF 
- Unicon 

*Note: You need a launcher or an app like unicon to apply the theme. Most of the launchers above offer free versions. Feel free to contact me with questions: [email protected] 

** How to apply the theme ** 
1. Open the app after installing 
2. Press "Apply Theme" 
3. Select Launcher type 
**Install via Launcher** 
Apex Launcher: Apex settings > Theme settings 
Nova Launcher: Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme 
ADW Launcher: On home screen, press "Menu" > More > ADWSettings > Themes Preferences > Select theme 
- Holo Launcher: Onhome screen, press "Menu" > Launcher Settings > Appearance Settings > Icon Pack > Select Theme


Added Icons
New! Flashlight widget added
New! Added weather widget
Fixed Licensing Issue
Fixed bug at edit Live Wallpaper screen
Updated FO4 Stat widget so all tabs are always visible
Updated permissions for Marshmallow
Fixed crashing on some devices (thanks for the bug reports!)
Check out the new subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/piptec

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Download Instructions:



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