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Dub Sak Special for KLWP v2.3

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Dub Sak Special for KLWP v2.3
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Dub Sak Special for KLWP



All presets made on Nova Launcher on Nexus 5. 

A preset package consisting of, from scratch, home made presets. Starting off with 5 presets, it will eventually grow to have a total 20 hand selected presets that I make. You can edit them to your liking, change color schemes. Whatever you'd like to make it feel more personal. 

With thee exception of the "Kulator" preset, the other presets contain photos taken by me as wallpaper. 

I like to make presets using photos I've taken as wallpaper. So I'll try my best to do that with this package. 

Those devices without soft keys, you may have to edit certain presets by removing the nav bar. Contact me for help if needed. 

None of these presets have the dock or persistent search bar enabled. 

Weather Komponents I use are by Support + and mowmo. Shout out to them. 


V 2.3 
- fixed the issue with the new presets not showing (hopefully) 
V 2.2 
- added 2 new presets 
V 2.1 
- fixed music controls in "X Cards" 
V 2.0 
- added new preset, "X Cards" 
V 1.9 
- Added new preset, "Goo Slide" 
V 1.8 
- New preset, "Card Slide" added. 
V 1.7 
- New preset, "Ill Material" added 
V 1.6 
- Player has been updated and added the white version.

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