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Vapor Lime - Layers Theme v9.0

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Vapor Lime - Layers Theme v9.0
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: YOU MUST UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING VERSION 4.1!!!! ATTENTION CATACLYSM USERS!!! You can not add the sync tile or you will have systemUI FC.


There is no way around this. I either leave it un-themed for everyone, or have it FC for Cataclysm. I chose the later because Cataclysm is one rom, one device. One rom should not spoil the look for everyone.
This theme is NOT for the CM Theme Engine. Your ROM must support Layers and you must be rooted.
THERE ARE 2 SYSTEMUI APKS! One with the colored nav icons and one with stock icons. Please remove the one you don't want using the Layers Manger app.
This theme has been tested on the following ROMS only!
• Cataclysm
• Purity
• Terminus
• Chroma
• Frank
• Project D.I.S.C.O.
• SlimRom
• MinOS
Other ROMS may work, but have not been tested. If I forgot a settings or tile icon, or you discover any bugs please let me know here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/113011005082687367133
The following applications are themed:
• Calculator
• CellBroadcastReciever
• AOSP Clock/Google Clock
• AOSP Contacts/Google Contacts
• AOSP Dialer/Google Dialer
• Chroma OTA Center
• Documents
• Framework
• Gmail
• AOSP/Google Keyboard (use material dark version)
• Google Calendar
• Google Drive
• Google Messenger
• Google Music
• Google News Stand
• Google Now
• Google Play Store
• Google Plus
• Google Services
• Hangouts
• Keep
• LockClock
• OmaDmClient
• OpenDelta
• Phone Settings
• Settings
• SystemUI
• Telecom
• YouTube
More to come...


Fixes for Dialogs and Moto Active Display
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