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SolidAlpha DONATE - CM13 Theme v2.0


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SolidAlpha DONATE - CM13 Theme v2.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: You need a rom with the latest CM12 Theme Engine in order to install/use this theme.
Warning! You get an error if you try to install this running Franco or ElementalX - the kernel developers have to fix this, it‘s not an issue with my theme


This theme includes:
• Statusbar
• Softkeys
• Animated Switches, Checkboxes and Buttons
• Wallpaper
• Bootanimation
• Font
• Sounds (Alarm, Ringtone, Notification)

Apps that received theming love: (some more, some less)
• Screener
• Google+
• Hangouts
• Youtube
• Play Music
• Dialer
• Keyboard (AOSP&Google)
• Pushbullet
• Spotify
... and many more!

What's new:
This is version 2.0 and a lot of things changed.
- CM13/MM support
- Arcus support
- vector statusbar icons
- fully themed quicksettings
- new settings dashboard
- new keyboard
- revamped Hangouts
This are just the most important changes.

This app has no advertisements


Download Instructions:



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