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Total Launcher v1.2.11 + Key

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Total Launcher v1.2.11 + Key
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Total launcher is the next generation of ssLauncher and also includes the great features of qLauncher.


======== NOTICE ========
Finally the new ssLauncher comes!
Total launcher is the best customizable launcher in Android. Of course, it is still fast, light and easy to use.
Do you like a simple home? Use this.
Do you like a beautiful home? Use this.
Do you like a smart home? Use this.
Is there no home launcher you want? Make it with this.
Whatever you want for home, this is it.
I would like to tell you just one phrase.
"Press and hold it to edit it"
You can customize it, whatever it is.

- fixed to support "colored system UI" on some manufacturer devices
- fixed some bugs of dynamic text: "battery status", "mobile data" and "next event"
- fixed some bugs and optimized

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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Same Here.. Say License Check Failed. Pirated Version Found.. 

Sorry it worked for me.. Uninstalled the Previous Version. And installed the one in the Zip. Then installed the Key apk. and patched it with Lucky Patched removing License Verification.. Was able to apply themes.. 

Many Thanks.. 

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    • By PRO_APK
      Power Shortcuts v1.2.0 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Create tons of shortcuts.

      * This app uses the Device Administrator permission:
      If Android version is lower than 9.0, you should allow the permission to create the "Screen lock" system shortcut .
      * This app uses accessibility service to implement some features.
      Some features of this application are implemented by non-open (unofficial) API of Android framework.
      This means that they are not guaranteed to work properly on all Android devices.
      Please do not give less stars just because it does not work on your device.
      You can create tons of shortcuts with this app.
      - Application : Set some predefined settings when launching an app.
      - Activity : Find out some hidden activities in your device.
      - Intent : Try a lot of predefined intents or make your own one.
      - Content : Open quickly one of your contents like photo, music or video.
      - Quick setting : Switch easily some quick settings.
      - System : Simple system functions like flash light, screen lock and so on.
      - Key injection : Inject tons of key codes like media play/pause, power button and so on.
      What's New:
      - added shortcuts for website and contact
      - added the "RECENT_CALLS" action for intent
      - fixed some bugs
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      DIGI Clock Widget Plus v2.3.2 [Paid/Mod]
      Requirements: [Android 5.0+]
      Overview: Highly customizable digital time and date widgets!

      "DIGI Clock Widget Plus" is ad-free version of "DIGI Clock Widget" - highly customizable digital time and date widgets:
      2x1 widget - small
      4x1 widget - wide optionally with seconds
      4x2 widget - big
      5x2 widget - for tablets and especially for Galaxy Note
      6x3 widget - for tablets.
      Features lots of customizations, like:
      - widget preview during setup (on Android ICS+)
      - select widget click actions: tap on widget to load alarm application, widget settings or any installed application
      - allows you select your preferred colors for time and date separately
      - shadow effect with selectable color
      - outlines
      - locale preference, set date output in your language
      - plenty of date formats + customizable date format
      - show/hide AM-PM
      - 12/24 hour selection
      - alarm icon
      - show time with seconds option (for 4x1 widget)
      - widget background with selectable color and opacity from 0% (transparent) to 100% (completely opaque)
      - use picture as widget background
      - 40 great fonts for time and date ...
      - ... or use your favorite font saved on memory card
      - ready for Honeycomb, ICS and Jelly Bean Android versions
      - recommended for tablets
      - lock screen widget for Android Jelly Bean 4.2+
      ... and even more ...
      Problems with installation?
      This is home screen widget and not the application, please read the instructions on how to use the widget:
      Older phones (before Android 4.0 ICS):
      • To add a widget, touch and hold an empty location on a home-screen. Menu will pop-up, select Widgets.
      • "Choose Widget" menu will popup. From there, find and select "DIGI Clock Plus" widget of desired size.
      Newer phones and tablets, Android 4.0 and later (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean):
      • Touch the All Apps icon on your Home screen.
      • Click “Widgets” tab at the top of the screen.
      • From the main Widgets screen, you can swipe left until you find "DIGI Clock Plus”
      • Touch and hold the desired widget’s icon, slide your finger where you want to place it, and lift your finger.
      If there are missing "DIGI Clock Plus" in list of widgets, try to restart phone, it might help.
      To add the widget to your Android 4.2+ device's lock screen, simply swipe to the left-most page of your lock screen and touch the big "+" icon. Then, select "DIGI Clock Plus" add the widget. You can make this the primary lock screen widget, replacing the default clock, by first touching-and-holding it and then dragging it horizontally to the very rightmost position.
      Do NOT move this app to SD-card! Widgets won't work once you move them to SD card.
      Please exclude this widget from any task killers, this will resolve the time freezing issue in most instances.
      When you want help me with translation of "DIGI Clock Widget Plus" to your language, visit please this site:
      Thanks for using DIGI Clock Widget Plus!
      What's New
      - Redesigned custom date format editor.
      - Added confirm changes dialog into color picker.
      - Minor design improvements and bug fixes.
      MOD INFO
      Standalone Android Package
      Android App Bundle Repacked (Split APKs Packer v6.7.1 by KirIif')
      Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      X Launcher Pro v3.2.0 [Paid]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: X Launcher is designed based on the latest IOS11 style theme, make your phone look like Phone X with No Ads.

      X Launcher is designed based on the latest IOS11 style theme, make your phone look like Phone X with No Ads.
      It can completely change the appearance and operation of your phone, giving you an unprecedented experience.

      No Ads
      We have removed the annoying ads in the pro, there will be no accidental disturbances, concentrate on immersion in what you have to do
      OS11 Style Control Center
      Swipe up to open Control Center; Set WiFi, Network, Brightness, Volume, Take Photo quickly.
      Various Themes
      We designe a cool Theme Center to provide various themes, Adaptive to the themes you select, which can bring you smooth interface like OS11 like experience.
      Latest Wallpaper and Icon sets
      The rich icons for Phone X library and latest wallpapers give you a comprehensive experience.
      We also custom icon pack for popular apps to IOS Style.
      Powerful App Manager
      Swipe down to open App Manager; Find local apps and drop them to desktop quickly.
      Apple Style Folder
      We design a IOS Style Folder, you can drop an app to another to create a folder.
      Cool 3D effects
      We design 8 screen animation effects, like Breeze, Tunnel, Waves,Cube, Carousel, Tune out, Fan, Rotation.
      Weather and Time widget
      We provide a Weather and Time widget, you can long press on screen and drag it to screen. You can get the weather forecast in recent days.
      Hide Apps
      Double-finger zoom to enable hide application feature to Protect your privacy all around.

      Download X Launcher now and join us! More interesting functions will be coming soon! Like hide apps, 3D animations, dynamic clock, calendar and more
      Whats New:
      1. Upgrade targetSdkVersion to Android Q
      2. Support 2 types Control Center, can switch in settings
      3. Add "quick add apps" feature in the bottom menu
      4. Add Remove and Uninstall in icon shortcuts menu
      5. Remove background of top drop bar
      6. Fixed an error when long press on icons in folder
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      NewsFeed Launcher v10.1.545.beta [Paid]
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: With the NewsFeed Launcher you can manage your apps easily, subscribe to any RSS feed and read what's important to you even when you are offline.

      With the NewsFeed Launcher you can manage your apps easily, subscribe to any RSS feed and read what's important to you even when you are offline.
      - Social Networks
      Follow your favourite Youtube channels or Twitter users.
      - Offline reading
      Readability technology provides the news in clean text format, without ads, even when you are offline.
      - Private
      Every data processed on your phone.
      - App notifications
      - Night mode
      Auto night mode swithes the app skin to dark when the sun goes down.
      - Custom icons
      Supports icon packs made for Nova, Apex, Go & ADW Launcher.
      - App quick shortcuts
      Reach your app's key functions in seconds.
      - App folders
      Organize your apps, to find them later more quickly.
      - Small and lighting fast
      The app requires very small, approximately 25MB storage space.*
      - Widget support
      Use widgets to stay up to date with your most common things.
      What's New:
      New widgets
      New icon shape
      Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Nova Launcher v6.2.18 [Beta] [Prime] [Lite]
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview: The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen.Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout.

      For my money, Nova Launcher is the best of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android. --Android Police
      Nova Launcher has some very capable hands behind it --Phandroid
      Our favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult to use --Lifehacker
      Chock full of features you won't find in the stock launcher, and comes highly recommended --Android Central
      • Icon Themes - Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store
      • Subgrid positioning - Much greater control than standard launchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells
      • Color controls - for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds
      • Customize App Drawer - Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects
      • Improved Widget Drawer - Widgets grouped by app makes it much faster to use
      • Infinite scroll - Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktop or drawer continuously
      • Backup/Restore - Sophisticated backup/restore system allowing you to backup your desktop layout and launcher settings
      • Scrollable Dock - Create multiple docks and scroll between them
      • Widgets in dock - Place any widget in your dock, such as a 4x1 music player widget
      • Import Layout - No need to rebuild your desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can import from most popular launchers. Including the one that came with your phone.
      • Fast - Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it's work quickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and letting you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers.
      Nova Launcher Prime
      Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime
      • Gestures - Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps
      • Unread Counts - Never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin
      • Custom Drawer Groups - Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer
      • Hide Apps - Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps
      • Icon Swipes - Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders
      • More scroll effects - Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw
      This app uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.
      ★★★ Prime Lite MOD ★★★
      Languages: RU, EN
      Platforms: arm7
      Prime activated
      Extra files removed
      What's New:
      New Adaptive Icon Shapes
      - Flower, Pebble and Vessel from Android 11
      - Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon & Octagon
      Bug fixes and optimizations
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      hyperion launcher v85 [Plus] [Mod]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: A launcher is not just a home, it needs to be an experience. 

      We believe that not only should everyone deserve a sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX, we wanted it to always be up to date with the best of what Google has to offer at a consistent pace, as well as consistently pushing new tweaks and customization options that users want...without the bloat!
      We streamlined this launcher for ourselves; by bringing the best features we love from many launchers found on the market and creating a unified experience - we can truly call this home. As usual, we have everything that a typical Launcher3/Pixel Launcher based launcher has, but much more!
      ★ Colours:
      • Launcher and accent theming: with an intricately designed theme by Manuel Möllmann (Deep Darkness Theme)
      • Drawer background; glow adjustments and scrolling indicator colour
      • Dock background colour
      • Folder background colour
      • Search widget colours (Drawer/Dock)
      • Smart widget colours
      ★ Iconography:
      • Desktop, Drawer and dock icon changes (Icon size, Label size, Text colour, Text shadows, Multiple lines)
      • Adaptive icon shaping (Soon with more shapes on Pro!)
      ★ Typography:
      • Full launcher font change (Pro!)
      ★ Interface:
      • Covers: For folders, you can swipe up to open or mask the folder with a main icon
      • Icon packs: View your icon pack changes immediately without quitting activities!
      • Hidden apps
      • Overview menu items: Adjust what you want when long pressing the home screen
      • Desktop locking (includes temporary unlocking)
      • Scrolling wallpaper
      • Status bar and navigation bar icon colouring (Wallpaper/Dark/Light)
      • Wallpaper gradient adjustments
      • Drawer and Dock blur
      • Navigation bar display
      • Google Feed (Hyperion Dock)
      • Custom Feed (Soon)
      • Remembering app drawer position/Automatically close
      • Dock/Page indicator styling
      • Dock styling and shadow
      • Two row dock
      • Automatically hide Icon Pack/Substratum theme dashboards and other dashboards (Pro!)
      ★ Grids:
      • Desktop, Drawer and Dock
      ★ Widgets:
      • Google Search Widget
      • Google Smart Widget (Pro!): Does not need a launcher plugin/bypass!
      ★ Custom Gestures (Pro!):
      • One/Two finger double tap, swipe up, swipe down
      ★ Animations:
      • Launcher animation speed
      • App launch animation
      • Fade on swipe transition: Inspired by OxygenOS Launcher
      • Bounce physics
      ★ Profile manager:
      • Visual, always shows you a screen of what your set up looks like!
      • Cloud sync (Soon, for pro users!)
      Credits and acknowledgements:
      We would like to give thanks to a ton of people who worked and contributed with our development team throughout the whole process!
      Manuel Möllmann: For the app intro animation, the theme and exposing a lot of things for our Substratum designers!
      Max Patchs: For the beautiful app icon
      Amir Zaidi: For being a great friend and passionate dev who worked with us on the pixel module ports!
      PaphonB: For always catching small potential derps to ensure that your experience is great!
      Till Kottmann/David Siedtmann (Lawnchair Team): For always being there whenever we have something to share, we like ensuring all our launchers are all great too!
      Permissions overview:
      Storage: We use storage only for wallpaper extraction for adaptive colors and backing up and restoring profiles. We do not any other information or transmit any other identifiable and non-identifiable data to any first, second or third party.
      Calendar: To ONLY show events on your desktop
      Location: (Optional) For an automatic weather reading on your desktop
      This app uses the Device Administrator permission for the screen lock functionality (optional)
      What's New:
      - Add system default themes for Android 10+
      - Add adaptive icon wrapping support for Android 7.1 and older (requires Plus version)
      - Add more adaptive icon shapes
      - Add automatic weather location for Google Smart Widget
      - Add desktop wallpaper dimmer (requires Android 10 and Plus version)
      - Add new search box shape variant (requires Plus version)
      - All new custom font settings
      - Biometrics app lock fixes and improvements
      - UI and performance improvements
      Mod Info:
      Plus features unlocked - no additional key needed;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Smart Launcher 5 v5.5 build 035 [Pro] [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Smart Launcher is back and has been completely renewed! Smart Launcher is the innovative launcher that makes your smartphone or tablet faster and easier to use.

      What's in Smart Launcher?
      Ambient theme
      Smart Launcher automatically changes the theme colors to match your wallpaper.
      Adaptive icons
      The icon format introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo is fully supported and available for any Android device! Adaptive icons means not only customizable shapes but also beautiful and bigger icons!
      Automatic app sorting
      Apps are automatically sorted in categories, you won't need to waste time organizing your icons anymore!
      Designed to be used with one hand
      We moved the items you need to interact the most in the bottom part of the screen where they are easier to reach.
      Ultra immersive mode
      You can now hide the navigation bar in the launcher to maximize the screen space
      Smart search
      The Smart Launcher search bar allows to quickly find contacts and apps or to perform actions like searching on the web, adding a contact or performing a calculation.
      Built-in clock widget with weather
      The built-in widget has been redesigned to show info like alarm, next event and weather.
      On screen notifications
      Smart Launcher will now show you which apps have active notifications without requiring to download an external plugin. This makes the feature more stable and reliable.
      Gestures and hotkeys
      Both gestures and hotkeys are supported and configurable. You can turn off the screen with a double tap or show the notification panel with a swipe.
      Smart Launcher is completely customizable thanks to many options. Hundreds of themes are available to downloads and icon packs are fully supported
      Protect your apps
      You can hide the apps you want and if you want to keep them secret, you can protect them with a PIN.
      Wallpaper selection
      Smart Launcher includes a very efficient wallpaper picker that allows you choose between many sources of pictures. You can also backup your wallpaper before to try a new one!
      Smart Launcher is community-driven project, regularly updated with new features to support the most recent Android APIs and new devices. 
      What's New:
      - Samsung system icons now work as adaptive icons (you may need to reset your icon pack in order to see any change).
      - Fixed a bug that caused some rockchip products to crash at the app start.
      - Other minor bugs fixed.
      Mod Info:
      Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Pro features unlocked;
      Features Pack 2018-2019 unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
      Ads removed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper v7.4.1 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: ActionDash is a feature packed utility that provides you with deep, visual insights into your app and notification usage on your device.

      ActionDash takes the Digital Wellbeing app as a starting point, then greatly enhances on it with deeper insights and useful customizations, and makes it available to all Android users.
      Curious to know how many much time you spend using Instagram? How many WhatsApp notifications you get? Details about you device session time? ActionDash offers you all these insights and much more.
      ActionDash aims to be helpful to everyone, whether you're actively looking reduce your device usage or not. As we enter the second decade of smartphones proliferating our lives, it's often insightful and interesting to simply know exactly how much we're using your phone and in what ways - ActionDash is the perfect tool to help here.
      Some of ActionDash's unique enhancements and customizations include:
      • Runs on all Android devices Lollipop and later
      • Dark theme
      • Daily usage report notification
      • Detailed device unlock and session length stats
      • Configure the 'start of the day' to be 3am (handy for night owls)
      • Options to include apps such as Pixel Launcher and the Digital Wellbeing app in usage stats (which Digital Wellbeing itself hides)
      Privacy as a feature
      As has been true since we first started selling apps in 2012, our business model is simple: we sell software to happy customers, and do our best to never so much as be in possession of your data.
      ActionDash is no different. Your precious and private usage data never leaves your device, either to ourselves or 3rd parties, with the sole exception of manual backups you yourself trigger.
      What's New:
      ActionDash has a new UI option! If you check out the List Style preference at the top of settings, you can now display your apps in a grid, rather than the traditional linear list.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      ARC Launcher 2020 3D Launcher,Themes,App Lock,DIY v42.8 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Best and Top notch Launcher of 2020  Launcher which is highly customizable & performance driven Arc Launcher with cool look themes and features

      Make your home screen extremely fast stylish easy safe and secure
      Arc Launcher comes with Free 3D/2D Themes with all customization's you would desire for you phone like Scifi and Futuristic themes it is not just about the Science Fiction movies feel it has amazing performance driven features to save your 3x time daily
      TOP Arc Launcher Features
      √ Live Themes premium themespre-made themes  wallpapers  DIY and more
      √ Inbuilt Music Player to control any music app within arc launcher
      √ Weather & News Update with 23+ languages & Countries
      √ Icon Packs compatibility with Icon Packs available on play store
      √ Performance center to know all about your phone stats
      √ To Do Notes
      √ Inbuilt App Locker feature with fingerprint and pin 
      √ Inbuilt Hide Apps feature
      √ App Drawer with VerticalHorizontal and Paged View
      √ Quick Search Swipe down and search all your apps & contacts
      √ Unread Notification Badges
      √ Arc Exclusive Futuristic Dialer
      √In Built Color Effect Flashlight
      √ 3D Home Screen Transition
      √ Futuristic Sound Effects
      √ Multi Language Support 103+ countries & languages
      √ Battery Optimization
      √ One Tap Boost - Boost ram by tapping on Ram Clean
      √ Font: Choose from different fonts.
      √ Arc AI Voice Assistant ️- Arc Launcher loves to follow voice commands:just say
      *Change Wallpaper
      * Change Theme
      * Boost Memory
      * Open YoutubeContacts etc to launch App
      * Add Contacts  Calculator to create a shortcut at home screen
      * Make A Folder to create folder at home....And many more commands.
      ️Arc Launcher Themes  Customization's & wallpapers -
      Arc Launcher has game engine UI too to give you 3D & 2D High Tech lookArc has plenty of exclusive Themes to download for free like-
      * Iron Theme which has this awesome Iron Robot Figure and man.
      * Galaxy on Fire theme with Planet on fire and floating universe feel
      * Superhero Ant
      * Tron Techy technology Theme
      * Premium Gold Theme
      * Royal Black Themes
      * Neon Theme and more
      * Exclusive HD Wallpapers merged with the current color theme
      * Custom app Icon as per your own choice
      ️ DIY - Do it yourself themes 
      *Choose from Pre-made themes or set your own color choices 
      *Arc Reactors available for free
      *Make Random Themes 
      ️Arc Launcher Smart Category Folders 
      *Make your own categories or choose from 18+ pre made categories like most used apps new apps business communication entertainment  games kids life style personalization  shopping social and many more
      ️Arc Launcher Own Widgets
      * Analog/digital Clock Widget
      * Weather Widget
      *System Info
      *Performance Dashboard
      mail us at : [email protected]
      Help us with your feedback to support our continues improvements
      Thanks for choosing ARC
      Modded by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      *Premium Amazing Themes
      *Arc Dialer Updated
      *Arc News Updated
      *3D Themes 
      Download Arc 3d Themes and check cool new designs in 3D
      *18 New App Categories like communication , business , media , productivity and more
      *Create your own category and place your favourite apps
      *New Apps
      *Frequent  Apps
      *All Apps in 3 different layouts
      *Add Arc Widgets on Top with System widgets
      *App Locker , App Hide
      *Custom App Icons with Icon Packs
      *Notification Badges
      *More Stable
      *Bug Fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Q Launcher for Q 10.0 launcher, Android Q 10 2020 v8.7 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Q Launcher is an Android Q 10

      Statement to all dear users:
      1. Q Launcher is inspired by Android Q Launcher but please be note that it is NOT official Android Q 10.0 Launcher its value are: 
      + Adding many enhanced features to native pure Android Q Launcher while keep most Android Q Launcher user experience
      + Make Android Q 10.0 Launcher can run on ALL Android 4.4+ devices
      + Q Launcher perfectly support almost ALL the third-party icon packs that made for third-party launchers
      2. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
      ★ Q Launcher main features list:
      - Q Launcher has latest Android 10.0 Q launcher features adapt to ALL Android 4.4+ devices
      - Q Launcher has A-Z classified app drawer it is easy to find apps
      - Q Launcher support 5000+ launcher themes and almost all third party icon packs
      - Q Launcher has many online beautiful wallpapers
      - Q Launcher support unify app icons to circle/square or not you can control it
      - Gestures support: swipe up/down double tap two fingers gestures etc.
      - Hide App support
      - Useful tools on Q Launcher side screen: Torch Cleaner Battery saver Storage manager and Favorite apps
      - Unread counter for SMS missed call and other apps just get notified from icons on launcher screens
      - Android 10 launcher support edit app icon and app name individually
      - Launcher grid size option
      - Android q launcher can adjust launcher app icon size icon label color option
      - 10+ launcher search bar style option
      - Launcher Dock background customization
      - Launcher android 10 has Drawer background color option
      - Lock launcher desktop prevent from getting mess by kids
      - Hide status bar
      If you think Q Launcher(Android 10.0 launcher | android q launcher) is valuable to you  please rate us to encourage us and recommend this Android Q Launcher to your friends thanks a lot
      Modded by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      1. Optimized the application label in desktop
      3. Fixed bugs
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Phone 12 Launcher, OS 14 iLauncher, Control Center v7.1.5 [Vip]
      Requirements: 4.3 and up
      Overview:  Do you love the iPhone 12 Pro? Do you love iOS 14? Want to change the new style?then this app is for you

      Let the iPhone 12 Pro Launcher turn your phone into an iPhone 12
      iPhone X iLauncher ios 14 is an excellent app for you to experience the ios like screen and iphone UI on your Android devices. Launcher for New iPhone ios 14 skin will make your Android phone look like a real iPhoneX.
      iPhone 12 launcher gives you the experience like you have a real iPhone.
      ️ Why Choose iPhone 12 Launcher?
      iOS operating system are known for their ease of use. Their usability comes from simple operating logic: all the apps are launched from the home screen. All the settings for example can be found under one menu. And even if you upgrade your iPhone iOS to the newest model the operating system still works the same way and taking it into use is easy.
      iOS is easily the best-looking operating system around and it allows the majority of its users to do everything they would need to do on a daily basis quickly and easily.
      ️Features of iPhone X Launcher:
      - Smart Search: Smart Swipe down search screen
      - Beautiful Wallpaper to decorate your screen style iPhone
      - Support Lock screen display with Passcode Pattern Lock
      - iOS Search: Last used app searches including apps...
      - Consume less memory and battery simple and clean design
      - Control Center iOS 14
      - Smart Toggle for Wifi style Silent mode Airplane Mode Data Connection Bluetooth Touch Vibration. With Control Center app you can customize more style such as size color position vibration.
      - Fast convenient time-saving one touch tasks
      - iphone wallpaper ios wallpaper: Collect over 100+ of the best free iphone wallpaper images
      - Theme for iphone iphone themes: beautiful interface
      ️Create a new experience
      What we do is hope that Android phone users will experience the most beautiful beautiful interface from Android's competitors the iOS operating system.
      The mobile OS is dominated by two players: iOS and Android. Each platform has a wide array of features that make them worth buying - so much so that deciding between one or the other can be overwhelming. In order to make the right decision you have to know what you’re looking for.
      With iPhone X Launcher has created an user interface that's perfectly suited for the everyday user. It's a highly accessible platform and is incredibly easy to use and navigate regardless of your experience with technology.
      What are you waiting for? Download and experience iPhone Launcher now. If you have problems please email us we are ready to help you and improve the application every day. Thank you for using our product!
      Arm7 +Arm8 
      Modded by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      Big Update:
      - Set Wallpaper lock screen & Home
      - Add Email Support to Settings
      - Support parallax wallpaper
      - Optimize build file size, reduce ram usage
      - Widgets iOS 14: Add widgets to the home screen with a completely new look for the interface
      --> Ads is the only source of revenue for product maintenance and upgrading. We apologize for that, because they sometimes annoy you. If you have any problems, please contact us via email: [email protected] Thank you!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Spark Launcher PRO - OS 14 Launcher v14 [Paid]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Spark Launcher Features 
      •Photo Widget
      •Weather Widget
      •Battery Widget

      Spark Launcher Features 
      •Photo Widget
      •Weather Widget
      •Battery Widget
      •Home Screen Widgets (With Auto Shape )
      •AI Icon Generator
      •Unlock Animation
      •App Launch Animation
      •Hide Navigation Buttons
      •Widget Panel
      •iWeather App
      •Original icons
      •Icon Pack Support
      •Live Clock Icon
      •Live Calendar Icon
      •Notification Badges
      •Hide Apps
      •Change App Names
      •iOS Battery Widget
      •Siri Suggestions Widget
      •Calendar Widget
      •Lunar Calendar Widget
      •Contacts Widget
      •3D Touch
      •Phone Widget
      •Dark and Light Mode
      •Blur Effect
      •Resize Icons
      What's New: 
      Added new animations
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Star Launcher Prime - No ads, Customize, Fresh v1358 [Paid]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Advantages of the Prime version:
      1. No ads
      2. New features released in the Prime version:
      1: News feed
      2: New themes

      Advantages of the Prime version:
      1. No ads
      2. New features released in the Prime version:
      1: News feed
      2: New themes
      3: Smart calendar
      3. Stable, fast and lightweight.
      - instagram.com/ihyperg
      Key features of Star Launcher Prime
      Notification dots
      ✦ Star Launcher Prime will show you which applications have active notifications without having to download an external plugin. This makes the function more stable and reliable.
      Smart Search
      ✦ The Star Launcher Prime search bar allows you to quickly find contacts and applications or perform actions such as searching on the Internet, you can also choose your provider: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex.
      New look of the phone
      ✦ Choose different themes (light theme, dark theme, transparent theme).
      ✦ Set background hotseat and customize color search bars.
      ✦ Personalize applications with a custom icon pack and use responsive icons to make their appearance consistent.
      ✦ Resize and mesh icons.
      Protect your apps
      ✦ You can hide applications, as well as hide the name of applications in the menu and on the desktop.
      Gesture settings
      ✦ You can configure gestures to lock the phone with a double tap on the screen, open the application panel by swiping up the screen, etc.
      Built-in calendar widget
      ✦ The built-in widget has been redesigned to display information such as the next event and weather.
      New Features:
       News feed
       Hide app
       Individual icons for each application
       Redesigned Smart Calendar
       Dock bar background
      Helpful Tips:
      App settings are not applied? There are unknown errors?
      ✦ Write in the search for the launcher "Star settings", click on the icon, go to the "smart fix" and click "restart Star Launcher Prime".
      Is Star Launcher Prime compatible with my device?
      ✦ Yes, probably! Star Launcher Prime supports any device running Android 5.0 or later with support for third-party launchers.
      After double-locking the screen lock, the phone’s screen remains on
      ✦ Disable the "Safe Lock" function in the launcher settings.
      1. To use all the features of Star Launcher Prime, set it as your default desktop.
      2. Star Launcher Prime uses the permission of the device administrator to lock the screen. This is optional and disabled by default.
      Star Launcher Prime - Best launcher and fastest android launcher, launcher for android phone
       Thank you for choosing Star Launcher Prime! Don't forget to leave us a review if you like our app. Also, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions: [email protected] 
      What's New: 
      1. Changed colors in themes
      2. Fixed navbar and crash
      3. Modified settings menu
      4. Reduced weight
      5. Added new themes
      6. Added and improved translations
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Apex Launcher - Customize, Secure, and Efficient v4.9.19 [Pro] [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Apex Launcher helps you create a customized, fast, and stylish home screen experience on your Android device..

      "Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone a complete makeover. I highly recommend it." - MakeUseOf
      "Even after a lot of customization, Apex Launcher feels super fast." - Pocket Now
      "We must say it is as smooth as butter." - Droid Life
      Five Best Android Launchers - Lifehacker
      Top 10 best performance Android launchers of 2017 - Devs-Lab
      15 best Android launcher apps of 2017 - Android Authority
      • Customizable home screen and app drawer grid size
      • Scrollable dock with up to 10 icons per page and up to 5 pages
      • Infinite & elastic scrolling (home screen, drawer and dock)
      • Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
      • Hide elements as you want (status bar, dock, etc.)
      • Custom icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
      • Choose different folder preview styles and background
      • Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
      • Hide apps from the drawer
      • Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
      • Convenient home screen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
      • Advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)
      • Backup/restore settings and data
      • Optimized for both phones and tablets
      • Lots of other customization options!
      Apex Launcher Pro (Paid Version) Features:
      • Powerful drawer customizations (sort apps in drawer, folders in drawer)
      • Unread count notifications (provided by the free Apex Notifier extension)
      • Convenient icon gestures (swipe up and down actions)
      • More gesture options (two-finger gestures)
      • Additional transition effects (accordion, cross, etc.)
      • Enhanced folder support (bulk add, merge folders)
      • Advanced widget options (widgets in dock, overlapping widgets)
      • More features on the way!
      • Long press an icon and drag it over another icon to create a folder.
      • Long press icons/folders on the desktop and choose edit from the popup menu to customize icons and labels.
      • Set Apex Launcher as the default home screen app to create icon shortcuts from other apps (e.g., Chrome).
      This app uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.
      Love Apex Launcher ? Rate us on Google Play. We’re always trying to make Apex Launcher better. If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us!
      What's New:
      No changelog.
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked - no additional key needed;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Update check disabled;
      Anonymous statistic disabled;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      1. Uninstall previous version of Apex Launcher and Apex Notifier plugin;
      2. Install Apex  Launcher and the Apex Notifier plugin from my package (not from Google Play);
      3. Enjoy!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
      Apex Notifier v4.0.7:
    • By PRO_APK
      Audio Widget pack v2.0.6 [Pro] [Mod]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Not every player has nice widget and now it is not a problem. Download our widget pack for audio players which allows you to control audio from your launcher.

      Sleek design
      Display list of tracks, folders, albums and other. (if the player supports it)
      Widgets automatically choose current player, but you can set strict work with selected player
      For every widget pack our designers pick nice wallpaper, which you can download and set as a background for your launcher
      Now the best integration have the following players:
      Stellio Player HQ
      New widgets will be added to the collection with time.
      What's New:
      Big update 2.0 
       Ability to bind different widgets to different players
       Added widget settings. Available in resizing, opacity and color selection
       Additional bright Ametrine pack
       Lazurite pack is now free
       Improved connection with players
      Mod Info:
      Widgets Theme Packs unlocked;
      Disable popup to install promo apps;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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