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S7 Remix CM13/12/12.1 Theme v1.0

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S7 Remix CM13/12/12.1 Theme v1.0
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: About S7 Remix: 
Please read the description before purchasing. 


Did you always want a S7 styled Touchwiz theme but it didn’t matchup with the looks of Stock android? 
S7 remix is your answer!! 
It is a Galaxy S7 based CM13 AND CM12/12.1 theme, Remixed with my personal touches to match-up with stock android looks! 
(The theme is based on all the S7 UI leaks and on the concept of Samsung Touchwiz Marshmallow) 
This theme is based on Samsung Galaxy S7 and is perfect for those who like the looks of Touchwiz! 
The Highlighting point of this theme is that it doesn’t totally copy galaxy S7 but the colours and the looks are remixed such that they look much better than totally S7 based themes which do not go well with non-Touchwiz based phones. 

Some unique features Than other CM13 AND CM12/12.1 Themes: 
- Personal touches to Touchwiz 
- Not totally Copied 
- Many elements modified to look better 
-Some totally new elements 


-This will work on all CM13 AND CM12/12.1 roms with a CM13 AND CM12/12.1 Theme engine: 
-There may be bugs in theme engine in some roms so the theme may not be applied properly, you should contact the developer of the rom. 
-For best results please reboot after applying. 

For any complaints/suggestions contact via Email, you can feel free to contact us to anytime. 

So What’s themed? 
- Remixed Touchwiz Notification Panel 
- Remixed Touchwiz Keyboard 
- Navigation bar icons 
- Dailer,Messaging,Contacts,Browser 
- Calculator,Music,Play music 
- Play apps,Youtube , Google+ 
- Audio fx, File Manager, Sound Recorder 
- Whatsapp,Super SU,Theme Chooser. 
- S7 wallpaper and icons 
- S7 bootanimation 
- S7 wallpapers and Sounds 
- And many more.....

This app has no advertisements


Download Instructions:



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