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Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v2.2.9


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Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v2.2.9
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Swift Dark is a popular dark theme with constant support and frequent updates. The theme is compatible with devices running CyanogenMod version 12, 12.1 and 13.0 (CM12/CM12.1/CM13) or similar roms with the theme engine included.


Swift Dark takes what's best with the Android design and gently darkens it. If you prefer a darker theme, with the material design intact and with an elegant and stylish touch, this theme is for you. A dark material theme is often preferred over a light material theme, as dark colors tends to be more gentle to the eyes. So if you are using your device frequently you might appreciate this beautiful theme. 

What's themed? 

- System UI 
- Settings 
- Dialer 
- MMS 
- Google Messenger 
- Root Explorer 
- AOSP Keyboard 
- Google Keyboard 
- Skype 
- Viber 
- Instagram 
- CM File Manager 
- Google Music 
- Kindle 
- Music 
- Documents/Downloads 
- Gmail 
- Contacts 
- Hangouts 
- Keep 
- Inbox 
- WhatsApp 
- Google Plus 
- Email (AOSP Email) 
- Nova Launcher 
- Google App 
- Cyanogen OS Dialer 
- Calculator 
- AOSP Browser 
- Google Photos 
- Google Drive 
- Chrome 
- Chrome Beta 
- Chrome Dev 

ROM support status: 

- Theme engine on CM12 (and CM12.1) is well implemented and should be perfectly stable. 
- CM13 is mostly stable but needs some polishing, as it's still in its early days. 
- Exodus, BlissPop, Dirty Unicorns, AICP and all other custom roms based on CM, or with the theme engine implemented, are supported but I can't guarantee everything works. If you encounter any issue please contact me and I'll take a look at it. 

Version 2.2.9
New: Facebook theme
Updates: Fixed Gmail crash for some users

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Download Instructions:



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