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Show Box v4.53 build 70 + GrowBox (Mod Ad Free)


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Show Box v4.53 build 70 + GrowBox (Mod Ad Free)
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: Movies and TV-shows for free!


Amazing collection of Movies and TV-shows. Absolutely free. You can download them on your.
Android device or watch online.

GrowBox (4.0+ | ROOT) is an APK that pretends that it is MX Player, and properly sends along the video url and headers received from Showbox to any app. You can now potentially cast with any supporting casting app again.
It seems Showbox is now sending headers with the web video player, and MX Player was the only one that supported this feature. I have added support for sending headers on the video request with AllCast. This will let AllCast users continue using ShowBox, with the latest version of the Showbox app.

1.Uninstall MX Player if you have it installed (Growbox needs to simulate that app).
2.Install the GrowBox
3.Install AllCast from the Play Store.
4.Cast from ShowBox. You'll once again see a "open with" option, and you choose AllCast.


Bug Fixes.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:




GrowBox (credits koush):


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I keep being asked to type a capcha which is difficult to read. Does anyone have this issue and how to avoid that? Thank you!

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If you guys don't like showbox there are several alternatives such as megabox hd, videomix, etc.

I like movie hd for my personal used but now its offline for 2 months

MegaBox HD is the closest app to Movie HD

Google is ur friend! 😁

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