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Blak Azurro CM12.1-13 Theme v0.3.4


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Blak Azurro CM12.1-13 Theme v0.3.4
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: Welcome to my Blak Azurro Theme.. This is for the CyanogenMod, CM12 Theme Engine.. This Theme is the full version of my Blak Azure Theme.. I have Confirmed it works on 5.0 and 5.1 using temaseks roms..


Blak Azurro is a Black theme with a nice blu hue that includes some of our favorite themed Google and user apps.. I take great pride in my themes, and in the small details.. I try hard to make my themes better with each update so we can have the best experience possible.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and please Reboot at least once after installing my theme.. Thank you


This is working on Google 5.0/CM12 and some 5.1/CM12.1 roms.. Confirmed working on temaek CM12.1 - 5.1 roms

This is only for CM12, and Roms using the famous CM12 Theme Engine.. I will update Blak Azurro with the latest CM12 commits as CyanogenMod makes them availible , that way we can all have a best user experience.. If you are using a custom theme, you should install the stock theme, reboot then apply my theme, and reboot twice.. I do run these themes myself and will keep them updated.. Big Thank you, to Google, XDA, and CyanogenMod for there relentless pursuit to give us the best of Android

☆New to Blak Azurro☆

*Apex Launcher
*Flashify -
*TBO Updater - 
*ESFileExplorer - 
*Kernel Adiutor -
*TIBu - Lightly Themed
*AllCast -
*Micro OneDriv - 
*Nova Launcher -
*Swype kb - choose Midnight and reboot
*Viper 4 A - 
*Whatsapp - 
*3 Minit Rebooter

*Google Chrome -
*Google Drive -
*Google Genie Widget -
*Google Inbox -
*Google Clanedar - 
*Google Messenger - 
*Google Plus - 
*Google Music - 
*Google Translate - Partial Themed
*Google Calendar - 
*Google Mail - 
*Google Now - 
*Google KB -
*Google Keep - 
*Google Hangouts semi - Themed
*Google Chrome Beta - 
*Google YouTube - Partial theme
*Greenify - Partial theme
*Dropbox - 
*Viper 4 Android 
*Root Explorer 
*Newly Themed Calculator
*New on/off Switches
*** I themed a bunch of small but important items in this new version of Blak Azurro, as well as added many more new icons and Re themed some old ones...

Themed apps

*Aosp Keyboard
*Google Keyboard
*Google Play
*Eleven Music
*CM Updater
*CM ThemeStore
*DU About
*DU Updater 
*Ota Updates
*Slim Launcher
*Theme Chooser



v3.4 Blak Azurro 2.14.16
DU setting icon I missed
RR New notif Toggles
Root Explorer New icons
Root Explorer Free New icons
New misc app icons
MatLog now transparent
Pandora now themed for latest 6.9.2
Misc icons in various apps
Issues contact me at [email protected]

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