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Galaxy tab 2

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> Tap on any folder that you want to transfer to SD card. If you want to send photo then select the DCIM folder or else music, movies and other folders. Here I am taking an example of Music folder.

> As you click on that, all the songs that you have downloaded will be shown.

> If you want to select some specific files then select those or if you want to move all the songs then go to the bottom left to find out the menu option and click on it.

> Choose the ‘select all’ option to select all the songs.

> Select the Additional settings option visible on the top after selecting some specific or all the songs.

> And tap the Copy option. You will be asked now the place where you want to copy the files by giving two options-Device storage and SD card.

> Tap the SD card option and paste the files there.


If you want to move the entire folder then long press on the folder will give you an option to copy it. The next procedure is same as above. So you can Move Files or Music to SD Card on Galaxy tab 2 very quickly by the above method.

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