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ChalkUI - CM13/12.1 Theme v2.0.0


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ChalkUI - CM13/12.1 Theme v2.0.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: This theme is for CM12 Bases theme engine so if you haven't heard CM12 please don't download.


What's Themed
Changes with V 2.0.0
* Redesigned Everything from Scratch. 
* Now it supports CM 13
* Covered all the bugs expects few minor ones.

Changes with V 1.1.6
* Removed gmail, after fix it will be added back.
* Added download app.
* Added Facebook.
* Many Bugs Fixed

Changes with V 1.1.5
* Fixed SMS app color issues.
* Added Gmail app.
* Added Google Plus.
* Added Theme Chooser App
* Added Facebook
* Added Audio FX.
* Added Chainfire.
* Added Euphoria OTA App.

Changes with V 1.1.4
* Added missing Resurrection Remix icon.
* Improved app opening speed. 
* Few other bugs fixed.

Changes with V 1.1.3 
* Added MMS App
* Added CM Music App.
* Fixed Clock App.
* Added CM Lock Clock

Changes with V 1.1.2 
* Added 1800+ Zeon Icons by my friend Haldev Ray, a big thanks to him, please visit to his website http://www.axelthekey.com
* Added CM update App.
* Added Clock App.
* Added calculator.
* Added Browser.
* Added Calendar.
* Added Trebuchet Launcher.

Changes with V 1.1.1 
* Fixed Dialog Box Text Color.
* Added CM12 Default Keyboard.
* Other color related bugs fixed.

Changes with V 1.1.0 
* Added contact app.
* Fixed screen rotation icon was not applying for few devices.
* Fixed pop-up Card.
* Fixed status bar color
* Many other small bugs fixed.

* Settings
* Dialer
* Navigation Icons
* Dialog
* Quick Settings
* Fonts
* Boot animation
* Notifications
* Ring-tone
* Notification tone
* Wallpapers
* Lock Screen Wallpaper

This app has no advertisements


Download Instructions:



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