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Any android-zone firefox search plugins?

Guest techmanc

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Any way to setup firefox desktop browser to search for files on android-zone? I tried to add it to search engine but did not see that it could be added. Be great to search for stuff here like I have for google play and kickass torrents.

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I know this is an OLD post but I figured out how to add ANDROID ZONE to the search engines on Firefox (Android):


Go to your Search Engines configuration (list-?)

1-  press ADD A NEW SEARCH ENGINE (Or something like that)

2- it will list 3 types, (Reddit, wiki, OTHER)

3- Select OTHER, and now a new set of empty fields will be displayed.

4-Now you will see NAME (for the New search engine), Type in "ANDROID ZONE"

5- For Search string (or address), type in "https://android-zone.ws/search/?q=s"

Hit ENTER and you are DONE!

go back to a blank browser page and test it out!


Btw- if you prefer to search a different mirror, just revise the address!

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