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EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone]


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EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone]

Requirements: Android device

Operating System: Android

Overview: Try and buy games from the EA Wapstore cracked by Twingo. Most games will work on all devices and some might not work, just test and see.


Games in this pack:

Battelfield Bad Company 2 v1.28

Bejeweled 2 HD v2.0.22

Birds on a wire v1.0.13

Dead Space v1.1.38

Feed Me Oil v1.0.0

Fifa 12 v1.5.10

Grow Away v1.0.1

Harry The Fairy v1.1.0

Jelly Jumpers v1.0.4

Majesty v1.13.43

Mass Effect Infiltrator v1.0.52 *No crack needed*

Monopoly v1.98.19

NBA Jam v01.00.38

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit v1.0.70

Need for Speed Most Wanted v1.0.46 *No crack needed*

Need for Speed Shift v2.0.3

Ninja Throw v1.0.0

Office Gamebox v1.0.0 (does not run on s3)

Parking Mania v1.9.0

Peggle v1.1.3 (Samsung Galaxy SII+, can't download data on s3)

Plants vs Zombie v1.9.9

Robbery Bob v1.0.3

Roll in the Hole v105

Scrubs v1.0.36

Spider Jack v1.1.2

Tiny Troopers v1.0.4

The Enchanted Kingdom v1.12.20

This Could Hurt v1.0.2

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 v1.1.40

Treassures of Montezuma v1.5.42

Wingames 4 in 1 v1.7.5

Worms HD v0.0.55

Install Instructions:

1. Install apk file

2. Download data folder over wifi if the game needs it

3. Start the game, play the game or close it (first run is trial mode).

4. Open the game again and now it will ask you to pay by sms, click on the buy icon (need to be online to do this)

5. Play the game

*Note: Game does not send out a sms to buy, so don't worry, you won't be charged for anything!!! (tested everything over and over again, i didn't get charged for anything while i should get charged for over 120 euros :lol:)

*Note2: After using this apk file and you have hit the buy option you will be registerd @ the ea servers and you can play free forever.


1. Games will be activated and registered online, if you go into offline mode the game will run a few times in offline mode and at some point it will ask to go online to verify. Go online, verify and play offline again.

2. If you use a update (untouched apk file) the game will work too, but after a few times running and closing the game it will pop-up a screen about "payment not found", if you get that error you can't play the game anymore. I would suggest to keep using the cracked apk file.

Extra Info:

1. Downloaded the try and buy versions from the wapstore, they are patched to skip the sms payments

2. Apk's might work on other devices as well, Samsung Galaxy S4 probably would get server error when it comes to data download.

Download Links/Instructions:

Download from zippyshare.com

EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone].part1

EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone].part2

EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone].part3

Download from uploads.ws

EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone].part1

EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone].part2

EA Wapstore Games Pack [Android-Zone].part3

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