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terRemote Pro v1.44

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terRemote Pro v1.44

Requirements: 2.1 +

Overview: Control your computer with terRemote!




This app receives and handles events and/or button clicks and performs actions. It can thus work as a regular remote control app but it's much more than that. Using macros to perform actions on certain events gives you a lot of possibilities.

The current main feature is the communication with EventGhost. EventGhost is a Windows program that can control the OS (volume, onscreen text, mouse movements, keyboard commands, text to speech, ...) as well as many of its programs such as media players (Winamp, MediaMonkey, VLC, XBMC, Windows Media Player, iTunes, PowerDVD, DVBViewer, Foobar, ...) and others. It is also capable of controling peripheral devices.

To start using terRemote and EventGhost is easy, even if you don't have any experience with either of these programs, yet. terRemote has a built-in tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to control your computer via terRemote. It only takes about ten minutes to set up.

terRemote also supports the app Tasker. You can invoke Tasker events and send events from Tasker to terRemote, using payloads and variables. Install the free Tasker plugin for terRemote to use this feature.


Current main features:

- receive events and perform actions (see below)

- create macros to automate actions

- Button, Ratginbar and Seekbar widgets

- multiple layouts usable

- import/export function for backup and sharing

- multiple designs, icons, backgrounds, ... Everything is highly customizable.

- import of custom pictures to use as icon or background

- event log

- background service to send and receive events event when the app is not running

Currently available Actions:

- send events to EventGhost, using "durable events" and payloads.

- change the value, text, icon or enabled/disabled status of a widget

- start any app on the device

- invoke a task in Tasker

- display toast messages

- speak text using text-to-speech

- switch to a layout

- simulate network events

- change the device's wifi state

- go to/leave airplane mode of the device

Events that can be received by terRemote:

- network events (EventGhost)

- layout started

- incoming call, outgoing call, call ended

- wifi connected (with ssid filter)/disconnected/enabled/disabled

- Tasker events (free Tasker plugin available)


More feature are about to come. I will try to make a list and post it here. Until then, just contact me if you are looking for a certain possibility.


What's New


- Buttons only containing an icon are now displayed with a centered icon.

- More explanation texts

- some bugfixes


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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