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DarkOrange CM12/12.1 Theme v1.0

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DarkOrange CM12/12.1 Theme v1.0

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: This is a theme for the Cyanogenmod New Theme Engine.


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To use this theme you MUST be running a Android L ROM with the CM Theme Engine and CM Theme Chooser.

DarkOrange theme has been tested on PA, CM12/12.1, AICP, DU, Bliss Rom, Temasek & CR Droid. This should work on other CM12.1 based roms that are not listed above. 


This theme best works on XHDPI and XXHDPI devices and supports both Phone and Tablets. Minimal support for HDPI devices is added currently. Full support will be added in the future versions.


What elements are themed?

• Deep Orange Material Color

• Notification(s) template icon(s)

• Action Bars (Top/Bottom)

• Buttons

• Radio Buttons

• Checkboxes

• Scrubber Tabs

• Switches

• Quicksettings Action Bar Date

• Quicksettings Icons (PA+CM12/12.1+Bliss Rom, AICP, Temasek & DU full toggles)

• SlimPIE

• HeadsUp

• Dialog Windows

• Alert Windows

• List Views

• Menu Windows/Lists/Dropdowns

• Progress Bars

• Stats bars (Battery & Mobile Data Usage(s))

• Scrubbers 

• Rating Stars

• Appwidget Settings

• Loading Spinners

• Fastscroll Indicators

• Toggle Buttons

• Clear all drawable (Recents + Notification)

• Quicksettings Panel Switch

• Notification Panel Switch

• Grid Borders

• Volume Panel

• Default Avatar

• Invisible Secondary Separators (Keep main categories ones only)

• Recents Menu


Apps that are themed

* AudioFX

* Dialer & IncallUI

* Contacts

* Deskclock

* Browser

* Calculator

* Gallery

* Package Installer

* Google Messenger

* Keyguard (LockScreen) 

* Google & AOSP Keyboard 

* Whatsapp

* Google+

* Hangout

* LockClock/cLock

* CM FileManager

* SuperSU

* CM Theme Chooser


Many more to come in the coming days


Other features that are themed

* Wallpapers

* Lockscreen Wallpaper

* Font

* Ringtone

* Notification Tone

* Alarm Tone



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DarkOrange CM1212.1 Theme v1.0 - 11.4MB

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