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iGO Primo 2.4 ( - November 2012 ) (320x240) (480x234) (480x272) (800x480)


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iGO Primo 2.4 ( - November 2012 ) (320x240) (480x234) (480x272) (800x480) APK + SD DATA

Requirements: Runs on any WinCE 5+ Or Windows Mobile GPS device with at least 64MB Ram (128MB recommended) for all features and seamless operation.

iGO primo®, the flagship OEM product in the iGO Navigation range combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality.

Minimum 64 MB Ram -- 128 MB Ram recommended for all features.


Supported device resolutions: 320x240 , 480x234 , 480x272 , 800x480




DOWNLOAD iGO Primo 2.4 ( - November 2012 )


torrent -> Download


torrent -> Download


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Hi guys

This iGo Primo 2.4 version is driving me crazy. Whereas igo primo 2.0 works fine and keeps a stable gps lock, 2.4 doesn't lock to any satellite even it shows 6 to 11 available satellite and keeps giving me "Autodetecting GPS receiver" and Looking for gps signal" and when it locks to any number of satellites it loses the connection pretty fast. It is useless. I've gone back to using Primo 2.0 international edition because of the 320x240 compatibility, but I'd really like on using this version because of the poi branding ...

I've modified sys.txt with altered [gps] "port and "baud" settings, but I get the same results.

thank you for any input.

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