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Device Control [root] v0.8.5 build 123

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    Device Control [root] v0.8.5 build 123
    Requirements: 4.0+
    Overview: This application comes without warranty, only use it if you are 100% sure what you are doing!


    Improper use can make the system unstable, so please inform yourself if you are unsure about a certain feature!
    This app is open source
    Device Control is an app to control several features of your device as well as some nice extra features like a Tasker, App Manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless Filemanager and more.
    With Device Control you can tweak and edit:
    [+] Device specific features like Knock-On, vibration strength, screen color temperature, LCD power reduce, ...
    [+] CPU frequencies, governors, i/o schedulers, ...
    [+] GPU frequencies, governors, ...
    [+] Kernel specific extras like intelli-plug and intelli-thermal by faux, msm dcvs toggle, mpdecision toggle, power scheduling, power efficient workqueues ...
    [+] Voltage Control, Fast Charge and more
    Note: Features need to be supported by your device. Unsupported features are getting automatically hidden!
    It also can monitor:
    [+] Your cpu and battery temperature
    [+] Time in state of your cpu
    [+] Maximum, minimum and current frequency as well as the governor of your cpu (fully multicore aware and toggle able auto refreshing intervals)
    Extra tools like:
    [+] Tasker (automatic fstrimming, screen off and on actions ...) [*] Example: You can configure it to automatically toggle your cpu's frequency to a very low value once your screen turns off, to save battery, and restore the value when you are using your phone again.
    [+] Editors (vm, sysctl, build.prop, ...)
    [+] Quick tweaks (vm, build.prop, ...)
    [+] Wireless Filemanager, allows you to access your device's sdcard / internal storage via any webbrowser
    [+] App Manager to view information about the app, kill it, view them on Google Play Store, disable / reenable your apps to prevent them from running and hiding them from launcher
    Device Control can automatically restore your settings on boot (sections to restore need to be checked in preferences)
    Device Control is 100% ad free and will always be.
    No need to spend money, you get every feature without paying or donating.
    Device Control is in active development, if you like to contribute to the development or just buy me a beer, you can donate via in app purchases!
    Donations are not required but highly appreciated!
    Explanation of permissions:
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To read your ip address to display it at the Wireless Filemanager
    ACCESS_SUPERUSER: Device Control requires root to function properly.
    BILLING: For the optional in app donations.
    INTERNET: Required for our built-in error reporting service to submit bug reports.
    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for the Wireless Filemanager
    READ_PHONE_STATE: For better detection of your device.
    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To restore your tweaks on boot up of the device.
    VIBRATE: To test the vibration strength.
    GET_PACKAGE_SIZE: To display size statistics at the app manager
    GET_TASKS: To allow to detect running apps and kill them via the app manager
    REBOOT, DEVICE_POWER: Used by the flasher to reboot the device without super user permissions on NamelessRom


    Switch to new configuration storage (your settings, bootup items etc will be lost when upgrading)
    Updated MaterialPreferences, means layout fixes
    Updated third party libraries
    Bug fixes
    (121 & 122)
    Color recents tab (Lollipop+)
    Initial per configuration bootup restoration
    Multiselection of apps in app manager (tick the checkbox)
    Fixes and tweaks, as always (nice filler if you can't remember what else you did)

    This app has no advertisements

    More Info:

    Download Instructions:

    Device Control [root] v0.8.5 build 123.apk -  4.2 MB

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