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Call Recorder - ACR Premium v14.2

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Call Recorder - ACR Premium v14.2

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Another Call Recorder is a free call recorder application. It is one of the best call recorders in the Play Store and offers tons of features





- Search

- Grouping recordings by date

- Auto email (Pro)

- Auto delete old recordings

- Marking recordings as important so they don't get auto deleted

- Multi select, delete, send

- Displaying contact name and photo

- Excluded numbers

- Auto or Manual (Pro) call recording

- Password protection of recordings

- Lots of recording formats

- Ability start delayed recording

- Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts

- Dropbox integration (Pro)

- Google Drive integration (Pro)

- WebDAV integration (Pro)

- And many more...

Do not use ACR in conjunction with other call recorders and try different recording formats (ogg,3gp,mp4,wav) to find best one for your phone

Some phones do not support call recording properly. This is due to capabilities of different chipset/CPU each brand/model have. Please see http://spam.com/s9wDGUfor known phone list.


We are not lawyers.

Recording calls without letting your caller know may not be legal in some countries.




Huge update! Please report any crash or issue

Recording listing backend completely re-written for better performance and handling large recording lists

Memory usage should be reduced almost by half!

Search now searches notes too

Sort by date

Sync for Dropbox service is rewritten and will require re-linking

Issues with certain WebDAV servers fixed

Cloud FTP client now supports paths so you can use ftp://ftp.mydomain.com:21/path

Default recording delay for incoming calls is set to 2 seconds


This app has NO advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Google Drive working!



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