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Galaxy Journey LiveWP Premium v1.40

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Galaxy Journey LiveWP Premium v1.40
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: You will travel through the endless star fields of a majestic spiral galaxy.


This Live wallpaper also works like a music visualizer, which syncs the galaxy with your favorite music. Turn on "music visualization" for this. 2 DIFFERENT FLIGHTS ARE INCLUDED, SO IT IS LIKE GETTING 2 LIVE WALLPAPERS IN 1! You can choose between "Warp drive journey" and "Merkaba generator journey". Some of the UFO's, which visit our planet are using Merkaba generators to power their space crafts.
You can choose between 15 colors for the stars. 16 different backgrounds are included.You can adjust the size and brightness of the stars, the music syncing capabilities and much more. Battery saving functionality is also available in this live wallpaper.
You can play music with Winamp or another player. You can then start this app. It will then sync with the music from your music player. There is no music player with a user interface included in this app. Please use your favorite music player instead and then start this app.
****How to change the music syncing capabilities****
You can adjust these music syncing capabilities: Brightness, Speed
The amplitude of the music determines the brightness of the stars and how they pulsate. With a low brightness, the effect of the music visualization is is seen more. With a high brightness, the effect of the music visualization is seen less.
You can adjust the speed of the journey so it harmonizes with the speed of the music. It would be better if this could be done with BPM syncing in the software of the app, but the mobile processors are not powerful enough for this yet.
The app will turn to default mode without reacting to the music, when no music is playing or if you disable "music visualization".
Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Galaxy journey

What's New
Music visualization with colors have been added! Totally different experience compared to the old boring music visualization. Everyone should try it!

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Galaxy Journey LiveWP Premium v1.40.apk -  1.5 MB

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