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Piano Scales Chords Jam Pro v65 (Better Recognition)

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Piano Scales Chords Jam Pro v65 (Better Recognition)
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Piano app to Learn Scales, Chords and How to Improvise in any key.


• Piano app to Learn Scales, Chords and How to Improvise in any key.
• Learn Scales and Chords by viewing as a reference or playing back.
• Follow finger positioning.
• Follow Chord progression suggestions when improvising.
• Improvise to backing tracks or metronome, record and save.
• Highly configurable piano - multitouch, glissando, highlighting, note names (standard or solfege, resizable keyboard suitable for all devices and tablets.)
• Listen to other players best melodies and send off your own.
• Scales and Chords Games to test knowledge. Advance through levels and an area to check to progress.
• Play any notes and the app will recognise the scale or chord you have played.
• All keys, all scales, modes, chords and root notes available. 1000s available.
• No advertising. No in-app purchasing.
***** Learn Scales and Chords *****
Select a scale, mode or chord from the extensive list.
These can be viewed as a reference or played along to or repeated.
Scales can be played ascending or descending or both.
Slow down / speed up the scale.
***** Scales and Chords Games *****
Select a level, or create your own level by choosing which scales/chords to focus.
Test your knowledge by playing it back.
Check your progress and win stars.
***** Improvise *****
Select a backing track (mp3, wav, MIDI) from your own music collection, or use the metronome.
Choose a key and the recommended notes will be highlighted.
Follow the suggestions of which chords to play within the key.
Record and Save your favorite melody and play back your tune at a later date.
Send off your work, and see it featured in the best user songs game in a future version.
***** Best User Songs *****
Listen to and play back the best of other users songs.
***** Recognition *****
Play some notes and the app recognises which scale or chord you have played.


v65 Better Recognition
v64 Better Icons
v63 Fixed navigation bugs
Fixed Bugs on Scales Game so you can play along with the scale, if you wish, as well as wait till it has finished and then copy
Fixed Text Size Bug
Enhanced Settings UI
Extended Jam backing tracks to any mp3, wav or MIDI file
Fixed bugs in opening and recording own melodies.
Fixed bugs in setting root note in Chord Game and Scales Game
Added Melodic Minor Scale
This app has no advertisements

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Piano Scales Chords Jam Pro v65 (Better Recognition).apk -  3.9 MB

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