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One Shot screen recorder (PRO) v1.2.5 Patched

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One Shot screen recorder (PRO) v1.2.5 + Patched

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: What makes a perfect screen recorder? Quality? Stability? Ease of use? The answer is, everything.




"One Shot is by far one of the best screen recording apps we’ve come across. If you need to record a video of your Android 5.0+ screen, this is the app to use." – AndroidAppsReview.com

** Note to users on Android 5.1 **

Please do not tick "Don't show again" when prompted on screen capture permission dialog to prevent system UI crash issue.


** Demo videos **

1. Time-lapse video recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQeqCA-Qbc4


Screen recorder for Android Lollipop, no root required.


Very often, screen recording will record something that is unwanted. For example, you are recording a game play, at the end of the recording, you have to swipe down the notification bar and click on the "stop recording" button. This action to stop recording is redundant and in most cases, you might want to just get rid of it altogether. So what you will do is you are going to get another app (or software) like video editor to help you remove the last few frame that you don't want.


One Shot screen recorder attempts to come around this to make your recorded video ready for production immediately.


Steps to record a video have been simplified to 4 steps.


1. Enable recorder

Open One Shot app and click on the screen cast icon on the top right of the screen, grant the permission to start screen cast when prompted by the system. You will see a floating action button (red color) showing on the bottom right (movable) when the permission is granted.


2. Start recording

Switch to the screen you want to start screen recording, and click on the floating action button (red color) to start recording.


3. Stop recording

When you are done recording the screen, push [POWER] button (default: ON) and the recording will stop automatically once your screen is completely shut off. If you have disabled the "Stop on screen off" function, you can stop your recording from the notification bar manually.


4. Disable recorder

If you want to perform another screen recording, just keep the floating action button (red color) and switch to where appropriate to start your recording again. If not, simply drag the floating action button (red color) to the top of your screen to fully disable it.


One Shot's settings are carefully selected and are fully compliant with YouTube. Therefore, any video you have recorded with One Shot screen recorder can be uploaded to YouTube immediately without any edition.


One Shot screen recorder supports up to 4K screen recording (setting will appear if your device support it) with ultra high bit-rate (up to 50Mbps). This should give you a ultra high quality video (no pixelation even when you zoom in/out in the game screen).


** Added features in premium version **

1. No watermark.

2. Show your own logo during recording.

3. Hide notification icon.

4. No ads.

5. No home apps promotion.




* Added ability to trim video (alpha, experimental).

* Added ability to limit recording session.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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