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Hero Go v1.3 [Mod Money]

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Hero Go v1.3 [Mod Money]

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: "Heroes !!" Three beautiful girls broke into a fantastic world. here they meet many heroes and villains from the world of other games. Through continuous training of their own companions, to make them stronger, more reliable to conquer the universe! join a fantastic adventure journey quickly.




This game is based on the traditional greedy snake with improvements and innovations, still maintains playing a simple operation similar to the greedy snake, and add functionality grown hero, 16 heroes through coins to upgrade HP. At the beginning of the game you can also use coins to buy props help. Among the heroes unlock you have to choose a hero as a leader during the match to prepare for the battle interface. As the game continues to a team of heroes will gradually grow. What you need to do is just to slide up and down or change the direction of the combat interface. Each adjusting direction can only rotate 90 degrees. Heroes will automatically attack enemies in range. When a leader dies, the game will end. Be careful control leaders to avoid the obstacle and attacking, and taking coins and props.


 [Aura]: Aura is to improve the entire property team, has four aura including attack, speed, defend and treatment, using coins to upgrade aura can improve all relative properties of the team '.


 [Prop]: treasure chest, medicine, experience, magnets, bombs, freezing, coins, shields and speed, these objects will happen during the game, upgrade this thing will be to upgrade the relatively Prop 'property.


 [buff]: The next stage, attack, attack speed, shields, drugs, speed and skill development, one-time gains, as the match ended this advantage will be lost.


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