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Smart WLAN Selector v1.3

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Smart WLAN Selector v1.3
Requirements: Android v4.0 and up
Overview: SmartWLANSelector adds a seriously missing function to Android: the automated connection to the WLAN network with the strongest available signal.

When multiple wireless networks are available, Android keeps the connection to the current WLAN network until the signal is completely lost, even if the signal is very weak and another WLAN with a much stronger signal is in close proximity.

SmartWLANSelector resolves this weakness.

Features at a glance:
* SmartWLANSelector uses the difference in signal strenght to decide when to connect to the new WLAN, unlike other apps which are using a minimum signal strenght. The connection to the new WLAN will happen if the signal is e.g. 20% stronger (value can be selected) than the current signal
* This eliminates the constant switching beetween 2 WLANs with approximately equal strong signals in their overlapping area
* Different scan intervals (search for the strongest signal) for screen on/off selectable (saves battery)
* Instant signal search when the screen is switched on
* A sleep time with own scan intervals can be configured to save battery power (scan even can be turned off completely)
* Supports multiple APs with the same name (SSID)
* It's possible to exclude specific WIFI networks from scan
* Open, unknown networks are currently not supported

* Option to hide notification icon when WIFI is disabled
* Minor bugfixes

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Smart WLAN Selector v1.3.zip -  1.5 MB

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