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SoundHUD Premium v1.1

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SoundHUD Premium v1.1

Requirements: 4.3+

Overview: SoundHUD is a highly customizable volume panel replacement that doesn't require root access. And maybe best of all: It comes with a true silent mode for Lollipop users!




What's in the box:

• Multiple styles - choose between an expandable volume panel, a statusbar volume panel, or just a thin line that stays out of your way

• Lollipop silent mode - tired of the lack of a true silent mode for Lollipop? Yeah, so are we!

• Long press actions - launch any app simply by long-pressing one of the volume buttons

• No root required - leave the drill at home: no root, no Xposed - keep that sweet, sweet warranty!

• Volume stream lock - got a media tablet? Turn on volume stream lock to always adjust the music volume instead of having to deal with a useless ringer volume

• ...and much more!


Like Lollipop's design and simplicity? It sure is swell, but it seems the stock volume panel didn't get the memo - if you've tried getting Lollipop to shush while still getting woken up in the morning, I'm pretty sure you were on the verge of feeding your phone to Rusty (pro-tip: plastic doesn't make a very good dog treat!). Enter SoundHUD, which comes with a true silent mode for Lollipop, an expandable volume panel with separate, draggable volume sliders for every volume stream (ringer, music, notifications, alarms, in-call volume), and much more!


Silent mode HOW-TO

1. Go to System settings -> Sound & notification -> Interruptions

2. Turn OFF all priority interruption switches

3. Get up, do a little dance, and enjoy the silence! No more calls, notifications, reminders - just alarms!


What's this funny "Accessibility"-business?!

To recognize when you press the volume keys and to auto-hide the default system volume panel, the app needs access to the "Accessibility" service. While we agree that the built-in warning sounds mighty scary - fret not: The app doesn't have Internet access and therefore can't phone home! Hello? Hello? Anyone? No? Oh well...


Made with ♥ in Germany


SoundHUD is based on Noyze by Tom Barrasso, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.




- Ability to long press volume keys to quickly adjust volume (if no long-press actions are set)

- Ability to invert the volume keys in landscape mode to reflect their natural orientation (e.g. when watching videos)

- Ability to disable the volume keys on the lockscreen

- Ability to just show the volume panel on the first key press (without changing the volume)

- Android M preview compatibility

- German translation


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked



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Guest whitak3r

Works with no root. This is great. Thanks!!!

Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk

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