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LeanDroid Premium v3.0.0

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LeanDroid Premium v3.0.0

Requirements:  2.3+

Overview: LeanDroid is a lightweight application that automatically manages battery-hungry wireless connections to significantly improve the battery life of your devices.





It can automatically disable WiFi, Cellular Data*, Cellular radio*, Bluetooth, and Location* (networks and GPS), and switch Cellular Network Modes. It will do so a certain amount of time after the screen goes off to conserve battery power and lower data usage while the device is idle. When the screen is turned back on, connections are automatically restored to what they were previously. Connections may also be restored periodically while the screen is off to allow for notifications to come in. Only connections that were automatically disabled by LD are re-enabled. Connections that were manually disabled are left untouched. There are many additional options and exceptions to set to your preference.


If you have an issue, please email [email protected], or use the contact menu option from inside the app before leaving a negative review!


Some options explained:

Disable WiFi/Data/Network mode except if active - Connections are only disabled if there is negligible data transfer while the screen is off. Some music services don't "stream" but instead download entire songs at once, and they might do this while the screen is still on. Please set the disable time interval to at least the length of your average song so LD can catch data activity while the screen is off or use the except if "Except if apps running" option.


Disable WiFi except if browser has web login - WiFi is not disabled if it requires a browser login (common for public hotspots or guest networks), so that you do not have to re-enter the password when it is re-enabled.


Disable except if apps running - No connections are disabled if one of the selected apps is found to be running in the foreground or has foreground services. There is also a sub-option to also detect background services.


Restore Data after waiting xx seconds for WiFi to connect - Wait for WiFi to connect before re-enabling cellular data. This prevents data from re-connecting for just a couple of seconds.



-Some options are not available on all devices.

-On Android Lollipop+ cellular data requires root through SuperSU.

-Location, cell radio, and network mode options require root through SuperSU.

-Having data enabled while WiFi is connected does not use additional battery power. Data is enabled but not connected while WiFi is connected.

-Dual SIM phones may not disable data/cell radio/network mode on both SIMs as the code varies by manufacturer.

-If you are on Android 4.4.1 - 4.4.2, a persistent notification is required due to a bug in KitKat where services cannot restart themselves once killed by the system. If you would like to hide the notification, find LeanDroid in Settings -> Apps, and un-check "show notifications".


Follow us on twitter: @TeqTic


Translation credits:

Italian - Vladi, Luca Salighini, Gian Luca Bignardi

Spanish - David Alonso

German - Nicolas Woelker

French - Peacefull / Marc Jarry

Portuguese - Magno Dias

Czech - JanSe

Ukrainian - Andriyko

Dutch - Henk van Dijk

Polish - Tomasz Macherowski

Hungarian - Bence Urbán

Romanian - Flaviu Ciobanu

Turkish - Ahmed Yasin KUL

Croatian - Alen Čuček

Malay - Teng Howe Cheng

Arabic - Faisal Allansari

Russian - Sergey Danilov / Олег Мирский

Greek - Dimi Tilas

Slovak - Pyler

Indoneisan - Kevin Pratama

Vietnamese - Hieu Turong Trung


What's New

-Added new disable exception: Except if specific apps are running

-Added new disable exception: Except if connected to specific WiFi networks

-Fixed preferred network mode not being restored if service restarted

-Do not allow dismissing of notification when LD paused

-Fixed rare null pointer exception

-Only check for root on start if one of the root options is selected

-Minor layout improvements

-Added Vietnamese translation

-Updated translations


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More Info:


Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked



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