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Portholes v22

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Portholes v22
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: This addition to my glasswares is actually a throwback to an idea I had fun with a long time ago.

I don't know why I thought of the name Portholes...it sort of reminded me of the little windows on a luxury yacht. Not that I've ever been on one... Maybe I just liked that the word sounded kind of dirty. Who knows why I do anything? How long are these descriptions supposed to be anyway?

They're set at a buck eighty or your currency equivalent under my ususal charity umbrella.
You can check my website http://hooolm.comfor further info on what that means.

As is customary, there's a pretty dashboard, a couple of internal/external wallpapers, links to my social media presences and various interesting online resources. There's also a fairly robust IconRequest feature and a bunch of cool wallpapers hosted on my server.

And, of course, apply-buttons for most of the major launchers. Supported launchers include most of the ones you would expect - these are supported to various degrees. The big ones work well, others may or may not work. Stock launchers typically don't support icon packs.

- You get a lot of custom icons that I've recreated, reimagined or otherwise fussed over to look their very best, because I felt that the auto-theming feature didn't do those particular ones justice.

- Install the app and open it.
- Select your launcher to apply the icon pack.
- Swipe in the drawer from the left to explore further options.
- Select "Wallpapers" to check out and apply one of the cool wallpapers.

If your launcher is not supported in the dashboard apply fragment, try and see if you can apply the icons via the launcher's control panel.

If one of your apps doesn't theme, you can press-and-hold the icon, select "Edit" and select one of my icons manually.

What's new:
Update for Smart Launcher 3 pro.
A few new icons.

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Portholes v22.apk -  37.1 MB

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