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Blak Azurro CM12 Theme v0.0.7

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Blak Azurro CM12 Theme v0.0.7
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Welcome to my Blak Azurro Theme.. This is for the CyanogenMod, CM12 Theme Engine.. This Theme is the full version of my Blak Azure Theme.. I have Confirmed it works on 5.0 and 5.1 using temaseks roms..

Blak Azurro is a Black theme with a nice blu hue that includes some of our favorite themed Google and user apps.. I take great pride in my themes, and in the small details.. I try hard to make my themes better with each update so we can have the best experience possible.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and please Reboot at least once after installing my theme.. Thank you


This is working on Google 5.0/CM12 and some 5.1/CM12.1 roms.. Confirmed working on temaek CM12.1 - 5.1 roms

This is only for CM12, and Roms using the famous CM12 Theme Engine.. I will update Blak Azurro with the latest CM12 commits as CyanogenMod makes them availible , that way we can all have a best user experience.. If you are using a custom theme, you should install the stock theme, reboot then apply my theme, and reboot twice.. I do run these themes myself and will keep them updated.. Big Thank you, to Google, XDA, and CyanogenMod for there relentless pursuit to give us the best of Android

☆New to Blak Azurro☆

*Apex Launcher
*Flashify -
*TBO Updater -
*ESFileExplorer -
*Kernel Adiutor -
*TIBu - Lightly Themed
*AllCast -
*Micro OneDriv -
*Nova Launcher -
*Swype kb - choose Midnight and reboot
*Viper 4 A -
*Whatsapp -
*3 Minit Rebooter

*Google Chrome -
*Google Drive -
*Google Genie Widget -
*Google Inbox -
*Google Clanedar -
*Google Messenger -
*Google Plus -
*Google Music -
*Google Translate - Partial Themed
*Google Calendar -
*Google Mail -
*Google Now -
*Google KB -
*Google Keep -
*Google Hangouts semi - Themed
*Google Chrome Beta -
*Google YouTube - Partial theme
*Greenify - Partial theme
*Dropbox -
*Viper 4 Android
*Root Explorer
*Newly Themed Calculator
*New on/off Switches
*** I themed a bunch of small but important items in this new version of Blak Azurro, as well as added many more new icons and Re themed some old ones...

Themed apps

*Aosp Keyboard
*Google Keyboard
*Google Play
*Eleven Music
*CM Updater
*CM ThemeStore
*DU About
*DU Updater
*Ota Updates
*Slim Launcher
*Theme Chooser



V.7 - 6.1.15
*Dropbox to new Material design. Old one intact
*Swype KB, Midnight is completely Themed
*Slim Launcher
*OS 12 Themestore
*BetterBatteryStats light theming
*Few new settings icons and notif toggles
*Allcast to the new material design
*Fully inverted whatsapp
*Kernel Adiutor
*Recovery Flash Tool
*Blu hex color to PIE
☆New images in☆
*Framework buttons
*Theme chooser app
*Heads-up bg
*Google n Aosp KB's
*Stock wifi n data till I make new icons

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Blak Azurro CM12 Theme v0.0.7.apk -  27.9 MB

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