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Proxima - Poweramp Skin v1.3 [Paid]


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Proxima - Poweramp Skin v1.3 [Paid]
Requirements: 12 and up
Overview: Attention
For the moment, it only supports Poweramp Beta (build 981). However, in the future, it will only support the stable version

Screenshot image
Proxima is a skin for Poweramp 3 that brings a fresh look and a different experience. Blending flat, two-tone, and gradient styles into design harmony within simplicity of aesthetics. Several elements have been finely tuned, with plenty of new options you won't find anywhere else. The skin settings have also been updated to make it easier for users to understand each available option.

Proxima was developed from scratch, taking almost 3 years to ensure everything works perfectly (I hope).

Available Features:
• Lynx Player Layout (Some elements inspired by the Minimal Skin)
• Follow Day/Night Mode
• 68 Gradient Accent Colors
• 16 Background Colors
• Gradient Background Colors (Improved version)
• Element Changer
• Material You
• Transparent Background
• Volume Slider
• Linear Equalizer
• Equalizer Spectrum
• Poweramp Equalizer Support
• And much more

*In the App Screenshots, it doesn't indicate that the skin has the Adaptive Color feature. It's just for promotional purposes.

Languages Support
English, Czech, Indonesian

• You can quickly access the skin settings by long pressing the hamburger/menu button in Poweramp navigation
• To backup skin settings, you can use the Export Settings/Data feature in Poweramp

About Developer
I work alone to develop this skin, not as a team.
Mixified Pixel is just the name of my company. However, I'm trying to give you the best Poweramp skin available on Playstore and I will provide updates as long as I can.

What's New: 
Proxima 1.3
• New Selected Track Options [Library]
+ Styles
+ Gradient Angle
+ Strokes
• Added Czech Language. Thank to Martin Chvátal
• Minor Improvements

• If you're loving my new skin, please consider leaving me a positive review! Your feedback keeps me motivated to continue developing updates and improvements. Thank you for your support!

• For the moment, it only supports Poweramp Beta (build 981). However, in the future, it will only support the stable version

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