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Calm Sleep Tracker - Alora v0.201-0bda16ce [Pro]


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Calm Sleep Tracker - Alora v0.201-0bda16ce [Pro]
Requirements: 8.0 and up
Overview: Relax, Meditate, & Reduce Stress With Our Sounds, Sleep Tracker, & Sleep Therapy

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Welcome to Calm Sleep by Alora - Your Premier Destination for Sleep, Sound, and Meditation

Journey into the tranquil world of Alora, previously known as Calm Sleep, dedicated to enhancing your sleep through sound, and meditation. Alora, standing out in the realm of calm apps, offers a unique blend of soothing sleep sounds, mindfulness, and innovative technology designed to transform your sleep routine.

Alora's Offerings: A Symphony of Serenity and Wellness

Rich Library of Sleep Sounds: To Induce REM sleep to provide a deep and stress free sleep, immerse yourself in our vast collection of sleep sounds to breathe, sleep and meditation, including the rhythmic rain, the steady fan noise, and an array of calming nature soundscapes, meticulously tailored for your peaceful night's rest.

Revolutionary AI Sleep Tracking: Experience the full potential of our state-of-the-art sleep tracker. With advanced technology, track and analyze your sleep cycle, REM sleep, and circadian rhythms to cultivate healthy sleep routine using our sleep monitor.

Empathetic AI Sleep Therapy: Connect with our AI assistant, designed to offer personalized psychological support, empathy, and understanding, setting Alora apart as a beacon in the world of sleep and meditation apps.

Guided Journeys to Meditate, Relax and Reduce Stress

Diverse meditation and hypnosis sessions: Engage in our specially guided meditations and hypnosis sessions, complemented by breathwork techniques. From beginners to seasoned practitioners, find sessions ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, each crafted to alleviate anxiety, foster calmness, and enhance mindfulness through sleep meditation and focus sounds.

Customizable Sound Experiences: Explore Alora's extensive sound library, featuring everything from calming music for sleep to relaxing soundscapes and sleep relaxing sounds, offering an auditory oasis to suit every preference.

Enrich Your Life with Alora

Sleep Stories and Melodies: Delight in a wide array of sleep stories and calming melodies, designed to guide you gently to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Versatile Content for Every Need: Access an array of free relaxing music for sleep, content ranging from kids sleep stories to calming sleep sounds for pets.

Mindfulness for Every Moment: Whether you're seeking sounds for sleep, meditation, or achieving balance, calm and focus, Alora caters to every aspect of your well-being.

Join the Alora Community: Embracing Wellness and Mindful Living

Healthy Sleep and Mindfulness Practices: Embrace a lifestyle enriched with healthy sleep routines and mindfulness practices, all supported by our expertly guided sessions and sleep audio.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Design: Effortlessly navigate through an array of features including AI sleep monitor for REM sleep, sleep rituals for habit building, quick sleep meditations for insomnia, and an AI sleep therapy assistant to accompany you through those rough nights, all within a user-friendly and accessible platform.

Personalized to Fit Your Lifestyle: Alora is designed to adapt to the unique rhythms of busy professionals, students, and anyone in pursuit of better sleep and a calmer, more focused life.

What's New:

Enhanced Sleep Insights: Deeper insights into your sleep patterns and quality based on the sounds you listen to.

Gratitude Journaling: Track how you feel every day

Smart Alarm: Track your circadian rhythm and uses it to know your melatonin window.

Download Calm Sleep by Alora Today

Embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter tomorrow, reduced stress, and enhanced mindfulness. Download Alora for FREE and join our global community in pursuit of a calmer, healthier life.

For support and information, reach out to us at [email protected]
For subscription and payments reach out to

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To know more about our journey visit
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Mod Info:
✪ Pro Features Unlocked
✪ Multi Languages
✪ CPUs: universal
✪ Debug Info Removed

What's New: 
Introducing Duo Family Sharing: Share Alora PRO benefits with one other person.
Easier Sound Discovery: Quickly find sounds, meditations, and stories with new navigation tabs.
Easy Access to Noise Collection: Direct button on the homepage to access a variety of noise sounds.
App Speed Optimization: Enjoy faster app performance for a smoother experience.

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