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Wifi Speed Test - Speed Test v1.0.8 (Premium)


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Wifi Speed Test - Speed Test v1.0.8 (Premium)
Requirements: 6.0 and up
Overview: Using Wlan speed test to test your internet speed. wlan analyzer to check network performance and wifi test connection.

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While using Speedtest Wlan you can check your internet speed and wlan speed. Internet speed meter provides complete information about your internal and external IP address. Internet is necessary for daily life it can test speed for 4G 5G DSL and ADSL. It’s also a wlan analyzer that could help you check your network performance and test wifi connection.

With wlan speed test & Wifi analyzer you can test wlan signal strength and show in the graph with Mbps speed. Speedtest Wlan tells you about download and upload speed. Check your internet speed with lower latency and higher bandwidth to improve your network.

 internet Speed Test - Speedtest Wlan Key Features

Test your download and upload speed and ping latency.
️ You can check your wifi speed accurately with a speed test.
️ Advanced ping test to check your network stability.
️ Check Wi-Fi signal strength and find the strongest signal spot
️ Detect who is using your Wi-Fi
️ Data usage manager help you monitor your mobile data usage
️ Check your real-time internet speed in the status bar
️ Detailed speed test information and Real-time graphs
️ Wlan Speed Test - Speedtest informs you about your surrounding network.

Fast Internet Speed Test
This internet speed checker and wlan speed meter for LTE 4G 5G DSL ADSL and also a wlan analyzer to perform a wifi speed test for wifi hotspots and measure the rate and statistics of jitter errors and latency rate. Ping test help in identifying the amount of jitter (network latency) present on a network connection.

Wi-Fi speed check and analyzer
Speedtest Wlan gives you complete speed test information and analyzes which network is used. wlan analyzer analyzes the connection collects the data identifies the problems and performance. You could use it for Wi-Fi signal strength to find the strongest signal spot in your house or office. This Wi-Fi analyzer provides useful information about wireless signals around you.

Free and Fast Internet Speed Test
Speed test - internet analyzer connected to multiple different servers gives you an accurate way to check your free internet speed. Speed test gives you fast and accurate results about your network just with a single click. Because the wifi tester app is connected globally to different servers. Speedtest Wlan is compatible with all wireless local area networks (WLAN) and checks real-time net speed.

wlan Ping Test
Wi-Fi test and free internet speed test give details about download & upload network speed. It’s completely free and easy to check your internet speed & graph show on the phone display screen. It can check your data usage in Mbps according to the wifi tester connection. This app easily manages your data consumption and usage. Easily find signal coverage and quality and analyze with real-time graphs.

If you are worried about internet and network problems then just download the Wifi speed test. It's completely free with accurate results. You can also check the surrounding networks and wifi connection history. This wlan Speed Test - Speed Test analyze and diagnose mobile data easily.

Broadband/Bandwidth doesn't meet the promise the network provider gives to you?

Download the free Wlan Speed Test Master to test connection with one touch and manage your network easily.

Note: During the internet speed test turn off your downloading programs and apps to get an accurate result.

Mod Info:
◉ Premium Features Unlocked
◉ Ads Disabled (Except credit)
◉ Multi Language Support
◉ Apk Fully Optimized
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
➡ Modded By HexonMods

Whats New: 
This update brings more tools, performance improvement, and bugs fix to provide a better user experience of Internet Speed Test app.
We have improve:
️ Upload Speed Test Meter
️ Download Speed Test Meter
️ Ping Test
️ Signal Strength Checker
️ Live Wifi/Mobile Data Speed Meter.
️ Results with More Details.

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Download Instructions:

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