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AlMosaly: Athan, Azkar, Qibla v12.1.5 [Premium]


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AlMosaly: Athan, Azkar, Qibla v12.1.5 [Premium]
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Overview: All your ibadah in 1 App. With alerts and notifications that help, remind, and take you every day a step towards Allah

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(All Muslim needs) :
{prayer Now - athan - salatuk - qibla finder - quran pro khatmah - athkar - dua - holy quran - islamic calendar}

The popular Muslim pray app in KSA and the middle east region and USA. And the most trusted Islamic prayer times app by +35M Muslims worldwide.

AlMosaly features:

◼ prayer times
Never miss salatuk again with azan, accurately reminding you of salah time With athan pro & Qyam in last third of the night.

◼ Qibla
5 different methods to using Qibla finder without even an internet connection!

◼ Athan
Build your life around prayer Now! Enjoy the Saudi athan reciter and more than 30 other azan reciters!

◼ Azkar
Dhikr is a gem, remember Allah at all times using daily Dhikr and azaan reminders for All muslim pro.

◼ khatmah
The holy Quran. Create your own khatmah, personal or family, Join the public and get daily reminders to complete Quran pro.

◼ Mushaf Al Mosaly
Your khatmah in Quran pro, with various font styles and night mode browsing, read quran pro without internet!

◼ Answered Duaa
From the holy Quran and Sunnah, make the most of Duaa in Ramadan and enjoy our answered Duaa times reminders!

◼ Digital Tasbeeh
Make the most of your spare minutes, and do Tasbeeh using AlMosaly digital Tasbeeh, remember Allah anywhere!

◼ Articles
Learn about Muslim pro in a few minutes; those daily, short and to-the-point, articles talk about all that the Muslim muna needs in their daily lives!

◼ Daily goals
Monitor your Ibadah progress, Quran pro and athkar on a daily basis, the best deeds are those that are consistent!

◼ Hijri Calendar
Explore the most important dates and occasions and enjoy the “Happened on this day” feature!

◼ Ramadan
Ramadan calendar and imsakiah to Muslim pro, Iftar, Suhoor, Maghrib and Fajr reminders, and more!

What's New: 
Mushaf AlMosaly is now available in its newest and most refined version, with translation into English and Indonesian.

Indeed, that's a great milestone, for now millions of Muslims will be able to understand the words of Allah.

Be a part of this, and help guide your brothers who speak English and Indonesian to goodness and share AlMosaly now! Verily, He who guides others to an act of goodness, will have a reward similar to that of its doer.

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