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Sapo for KWGT Pro v1.3 [Patched]


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Sapo for KWGT Pro v1.3 [Patched]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Sapo KWGT - Add a playful and cute twist to your Android home screen with Sapo KWGT, a delightful collection of widgets designed to brighten your day. 

Screenshot image
The initial release presents 20 whimsical widgets, with even more promised in future updates. Additionally, Sapo KWGT offers 14 charming wallpapers perfectly tailored to complement these fun widgets. Personalize your device with Sapo KWGT, and let your screen come alive with adorable designs and functional charm!

Note: Before you install this app, please remember that this is not a stand-alone app. It requires KWGT & KWGT Pro to work.

What's New: 
sapo for kwgt pro v1.3
- updated user interface
- added 6 new widgets
- total 36 widgets

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Download Instructions:

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