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AndroidIDE v2.7.0-beta (Develop apps on Android)


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AndroidIDE v2.7.0-beta (Develop apps on Android)
Requirements: Android 8.0+
Overview: An IDE to develop real, Gradle-based Android applications on Android devices.

3Vn0qrJ.pngAndroidIDE is an IDE for Android to develop full featured Android apps on Android smartphones.

 Gradle support.
 JDK 11 and JDK 17 available for use.
 Terminal with necessary packages.
 Custom environment variables (for Build & Terminal).
 SDK Manager (Available via terminal).
 API information for classes and their members (since, removed, deprecated).
 Log reader (shows your app's logs in real-time)
 Language servers
 UI Designer
 Layout inflater
 Resolve resource references
 Auto-complete resource values when user edits attributes using the attribute editor
 Drag & Drop
 Visual attribute editor
 Android Widgets
 String Translator
 Asset Studio (Drawable & Icon Maker)

For working with projects in AndroidIDE, your project must use Android Gradle Plugin v7.2.0 or newer. Projects with older AGP must be migrated to newer versions.
SDK Manager is already included in Android SDK and is accessible in AndroidIDE via its Terminal. But, you cannot use it to install some tools (like NDK) because those tools are not built for Android.
No official NDK support because we haven't built the NDK for Android.
The app is still being developed actively. It's in beta stage and may not be stable. if you have any issues using the app, please let us know.

Installation Guide -

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What's New: 
Important note
The method of installing the build tools has changed a bit. You can now use the GUI method (shown during onboarding) or you can install the tools manually as usual. You'll have an option to select the installation method at the onboarding screen.
Termux application has now been integrated into the IDE. You can now spawn multiple, persistent sessions. The terminal packages are still limited as before.
Support for x86_64 CPUs has been added! You can now use AndroidIDE on emulators and WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android).
This version adds a new onboarding experience for AndroidIDE (#1399).
The 'About' screen has been updated to include information about the people who have contributed to the AndroidIDE project.
Bug fixes
Fixed a crash when selecting/closing files (#1498).
Invalid editor activity state when closing files twice (#1549).
Crash when reading opened files cache (#1478).
Crash when signature help is requested by typing , in the editor for Java files (#1447, #1484).
Fixed a bug which caused the opened editors to be blank (no content) (#1551).
Memory leak in editor activity (#1562).
Fixed a bug which caused the LogSenderService to disconnect (#1385).
Fixed a bug which caused a crash when selecting locales in preferences.
Fixed a bug which caused Material3 themes to be added in projects created with the No AndroidX template.
Added missing false, true, null completions in Java files (#1506).
Removed some spam logs (#1497, #1559).

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Download Instructions:

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