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floccus bookmark sync v5.0.6 [GitHub]


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floccus bookmark sync v5.0.6 [GitHub]
Requirements: Android 5.1+
Overview: Sync your bookmarks privately across browsers and devices

nSqqN4x.pngWith floccus you can sync your bookmarks across browsers via a server of your choosing – be it Nextcloud, WebDAV or Google Drive.

 Syncs your real, native browser bookmarks directly
 Sync via Nextcloud Bookmarks, Google Drive or any WebDAV-compatible service
 Use any browser that supports Web extensions (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, ...; Safari not yet)
 Install the floccus Android app to access your bookmarks on your phone
 Create as many sync profiles as you need
 Control sync strategy (i.e. uni- or bidirectional),  sync interval and  synced folder
 Easily export your configuration
 Keep your credentials secure with an encryption passphrase

What's New:
fix(background sync): Move back to manifest v2 for firefox
fix(Account#setData): re-init if localRoot is changed
fix(Options): Fix v-switch input
fix(Controller#scheduleSync): Allow syncing if account is disabled and scheduled

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