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Youtube ReVanced Extended Music v6.29.58 [Non Root] [2.209.1]


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Youtube ReVanced Extended Music v6.29.58 [Non Root] [2.209.1]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: YouTube Music ReVanced is a patched version of YouTube Music app with adfree music, background play capability and more.

What's new:
- Feat(YouTube Music): add Remove viewer discretion dialog patch
- Feat(YouTube Music/Hide flyout menu): add unimplemented settings
- Fix(YouTube Music/Disable auto captions): captions are always disabled when Disable auto captions is on
- Feat(YouTube Music/Translations): update translation
Brazilian, Chinese Traditional, French, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

How to Install:
● First Install Vanced+ microG.
● Then Install Youtube ReVanced Extended Music.
● Open YouTube ReVanced Extended.
● Log In To Your Account.

Patch Info:


● Applied Amoled 
● Applied Background play 
● Applied Bitrate default value 
● Applied Certificate spoof 
● Applied Custom branding icon YouTube Music 
● Applied Custom branding name YouTube Music 
● Applied Custom package name 
● Applied Custom playback speed 
● Applied Disable auto captions 
● Applied Enable black navigation bar 
● Applied Enable color match player 
● Applied Enable compact dialog 
● Applied Enable custom filter 
● Applied Enable debug logging 
● Applied Enable force minimized player 
● Applied Enable landscape mode 
● Applied Enable minimized playback 
● Applied Enable new player background 
● Applied Enable old player layout 
● Applied Enable old style library shelf 
● Applied Enable old style miniplayer 
● Applied Enable opus codec 
● Applied Enable playback speed 
● Applied Enable sleep timer 
● Applied Enable zen mode 
● Applied Exclusive audio playback 
● Applied Hide account menu 
● Applied Hide action bar label 
● Applied Hide button shelf 
● Applied Hide carousel shelf 
● Applied Hide cast button 
● Applied Hide category bar 
● Applied Hide channel guidelines 
● Applied Hide emoji picker 
● Applied Hide flyout panel 
● Applied Hide general ads 
● Applied Hide get premium 
● Applied Hide handle 
● Applied Hide history button 
● Applied Hide navigation bar component 
● Applied Hide new playlist button 
● Applied Hide playlist card 
● Applied Hide radio button 
● Applied Hide taste builder 
● Applied Hide terms container 
● Applied Hide tooltip content 
● Applied Hide voice search button 
● Applied Hook download button 
● Applied MicroG support 
● Applied Remember playback speed 
● Applied Remember repeat state 
● Applied Remember shuffle state 
● Applied Remember video quality 
● Applied Replace cast button 
● Applied Replace dismiss queue 
● Applied Return YouTube Dislike 
● Applied Sanitize sharing links 
● Applied SponsorBlock 
● Applied Spoof app version 
● Applied Start page 
● Applied Translations 
● Applied Settings

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:
● Armeabi-v7a

This is the hidden content, please


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● Arm64-v8a

This is the hidden content, please


This is the hidden content, please


● Vanced microG v0.3.0.234914

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