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Weather & Widget - Weawow v6.1.3 [Lite Mod]


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Weather & Widget - Weawow v6.1.3 [Lite Mod]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Weawow is a beautiful and highly accurate weather forecast weather app enhanced by beautiful weather-related photos taken by photographers around the world.

Screenshot image★★★ MOD by jӕzztrӕne ★★★

▪ Unblocked providers
▪ Icon changed
▪ Font changed
▪ Analytics patched
▪ Billing disabled
▪ Removed the window to rate the application when you press the back button
▪ Removed calls to 'android.util.Log' (calling the system log)
▪ Removed all debugging information from smali.
▪ DPI: xxhdpi
▪ Languages: en, ru, uk

What's New: 
Fixed an issue if the device is Samsung Galaxy, you can launch only the alarm screen of clock app from widgets.
Improved the layout of Daily detailed screen on landscape mode.
Fixed the Daily detailed screen issue.

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More Info:


Download Instructions: 

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