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VisionUp Eye Exercises v3.3.6 [Gold]


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VisionUp Eye Exercises v3.3.6 [Gold]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: VisionUp is an eye care app that helps people combat existing eye problems and preserve healthy eyes through tailored eye care exercises and training plans. 

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We’ve developed VisionUp eye exercises and training plans so you can improve your eye health wherever you are, whenever you want. Whether you’re looking to simply relax your eyes after a strained day or start seeing like you’re young again, we’ll get you there.

VisionUp is #1 eye training app on mobile. Join more than 3 million people who have downloaded our vision therapy app and move your eye care to the next level.

Download and try VisionUp now and relax your tired eyes, fight double vision, improve peripheral vision, improve eye focus speed, fight shortsightedness and longsightedness. 

VisionUp eye training app accompanies eye exercises with breathing to create synergy. Improve your vision while having fun. Give your eyes 5 minutes a day, and see better for the rest of your life. You get an all-in-one eye care package. And it’s FREE. You can unlock the full potential of the VisionUp app by purchasing the paid plan too. 

• 50+ exercises - the biggest database of high-quality eye exercises 
• training plans for dry eye, lazy eye, and other eye conditions 
• 5+ training plans that fit you. Opportunity to switch between the plans 
• Eye sight improvement accompanies by fun as you get points and track your activity on the go 
• Calendar reminder to do your vision exercises regularly. Set an alarm and start your day with morning eye exercises.

Developed with the help of eye care professionals, our eye exercises are based on the most proven techniques in ophthalmology and utilize brain training algorithms to get you to see the world better, sooner!

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