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Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition v3.7.3 [Paid]


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Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition v3.7.3 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: "A browser that can't be returned once it's used, and sticks to one step"

Screenshot image[Three charms]
- Gesture adjusted in 1mm increments for speed and accuracy
- "Open "Tab that is extremely quick to" close "and" switch "
- Customizability that makes the usual operation 1/3

[Characteristic function]
- Many operations such as gesture
tab switching, updating, bookmark display, full screen, etc. , It only takes one step.
- Hold And Go
Just press and hold the link you want to read later, and you can open a tab next to it and load it.

- Custom button / custom panel
With a UI that can be customized flexibly, you can place your favorite functions, settings, and bookmarks (bookmarklets) within one step.

- Offline display
The contents of open tabs are automatically saved, so even if you exit once, you can instantly restore from the saved data. Therefore, you can check the communication status anytime, anywhere immediately without worrying about the communication status. (* Default disabled)

- Automatically releases the memory of
tabs Even if you open many tabs, the memory of old tabs is automatically released, so even if there are 100 tabs, it is light and stable. The released tabs will be restored immediately the next time you view them.

- Scroll grip
No matter how long the page, you can touch the scroll bar to scroll to the desired position at once.

- Tab / Flick
You can close a tab simply by flicking it down. You can also flick up to manage groups and flick up to the right to open a new tab.

- Popular topics
When you open the new tab page, you can check news, popular articles, and the latest articles on popular sites all at once.

- Display mode
When you open the specified page or site, you can automatically switch the user agent or open it in another application. (* From the top bar long press menu)

- Pickup search
You can search by simply tapping the keyword in the displayed page or the text received from another application. (* From the menu button or the top bar long press menu)

- Extension
You can change the look of your web page or add specific features. Download extensions from the Extensions Gallery (http://extensions.fenrir-inc.com/). Installing the extension is as simple as tapping the install button.

- Fenrir Pass
A free cloud service that automatically synchronizes bookmarks with Sleipnir on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Windows Phone, and uses various integrated web services.
Supported services: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn / Tumblr / Flickr / Readability / Instapaper / Pocket / Dropbox / Evernote / SkyDrive

[Other functions]
- Ad block
- Automatic form filling
- Design optimized for smartphones and tablets
- UI that can be flexibly customized to your liking
- Protect tabs with a double tap
- Tab group that allows you to organize tabs
- Quick search with search engines of various sites
- Search suggestions
- Quick access to your favorite sites "Usual site"
- File download and history management
- Full screen・Manual
/ automatic sorting of bookmarks
- Batch editing function of bookmarks ・
FenrirFS bookmarks managed by labels・ Back
up tabs, bookmarks and settings
- Exit the application by pressing and holding the back key ・
Open in another browser (* from the top bar long press menu)
- Search within the page (* Top bar long press menu) * From the top bar long press menu)
- Copy the title and URL (* from the top bar long press menu)
- Move to the upper level (* from the top bar long press menu)

What's new:
- Changed the default search engine to Sleipnir Start
- Added Sleipnir Start to selectable search engines (Black Edition only)
- Changed Amazon search to open in the app (other than Black Edition)
- Added "PR" display to search engines that use advertising services from third-party companies on the search screen.
- Other minor corrections 

This app has no advertisements

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