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Android Faker v1.8.4 [Pro]


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Android Faker v1.8.4 [Pro]
Requirements: 9.0 and up | Root | Xposed Framework
Overview: Android Faker a Simple Xposed Module Which Spoof Your Device IDs Values. Supporting Android 9.0+.



This Module will Support Android 9.0 +


-> Edit\Random Value.
-> Random All Value by 1 Click
-> Beautiful Material Design UI
This Module Spoof These Ids:

-> Imei
-> Hardware Id
-> Mac Address
-> Mac Bssid
-> Mac Ssid
-> Bluetooth Mac
-> Android Id
-> Sim Serial Id
-> Sim Sub Ids
-> Mobile No
-> MediaDrm ID
-> Sim Operator


-> Rooted Device
-> Xposed Framework Installed

Special Thanks:
Mikanoshi - for help me and make preference readable.
C3C0 - for teach me about selinux security.

Note: - This Module never change real ids so don't ask Can i spoof my service providers and do anything wrong or right and they will never trace you.

Disclaimer: - The Author and Contributors of Android Faker take no responsibility for damage to your device or any other consequences that arise as a result of using this application So use your own Risk.

❖ Overview
Unlock pro version of Android Faker app.

❖ How to Use
1. Install Android Faker and enable it in Lsposed app.
2. Install Pro Unlocker and enable it in Lsposed app.
3. Open Android Faker app, you will see Unlocked message.

➤ Released by Modding_tools
➤ Developed by Rahat

What's New: 
● Resolved an issue where an error message was displayed after logging in.
● Addressed the problem of being redirected to the registration dialog when clicking on the password field.
● Fixed the bug causing Wi-Fi to not connect after spoofing the MAC address.
● Rectified the display of default IMEI values when attempting to edit.
● Improved the loading speed when clicking on the SIM operator edit button.
● Eliminated crashes experienced on the emulator.
● Mitigated the Advertisement ID spoofing issue (Note: Play service hooking and data clearing required post-spoof).
● Revised the media DRM ID format from base64 to UUID, enhancing readability.
● Completely revamped internal xposed relative codes.
● Introducing Device Spoof parameters (Exclusive to VIP Users).
● Fixed Bugs.

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More Info:


Download Instructions: 

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