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Bookey: Books for Self Growth v4.2.2 b424 [Premium]


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Bookey: Books for Self Growth v4.2.2 b424 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Why Use Bookey? 

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Level up your life with the book's key ideas. Bookey brings the 30 min key insights from the world bestsellers to boost your personal growth and explore your potential.

We unlock the big ideas from selected books  that cover Personal Development Biography Leadership Art Business and more. Each title is complemented with a mind map that highlights the essence of the book allowing you to grasp the gist of the book at a glance. We are committed to offering a fresh way of learning and promoting universal access to knowledge. No.1 Blinkist and Headway Alternative.

How does Bookey make your life easier?
 Audio versions for hands-free learning
 Mind map for each book
 Download mode for learning without Wi-Fi
 12 categories to cover all non-fiction fields
 Books recommended by Bill Gates New York Times and more 
 No extra time needed only 30 mins for summaries
 Non-stressed notification system to disturb you.

️What do readers love about Bookey?
This app really got me reading more every night before going to bed. I like the variety of books and mind map! By the way the content is deeper than Blinkist Koober 12min Audiobooks and Headway. — Alan

"A fantastic way to open up your mind to new authors who you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. It is just the right thing for my busy lifestyle " —  Henry

This app is amazingly easy to me because I can't really read when working or drive; however I can listen all day long at night. Specially Bookey help me improve my performance at work. — Ashley

I am using the Kindle Audible Goodreads Instaread Ted Talks Udemy Duolingo Linkedin and Podcast before for reading and listening. But now I am only a fan of Bookey. — Harris️

️Getting started is simple: Download the Bookey app now. Enjoy the Daily Mind Snack for Free!

To suggest an idea about how to make your listen and education with Bookey better please send an email to [email protected]

Whats New: 
Thank you for using Bookey! We update the app every week to improve your experience. This version includes
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Send your feedback, suggestions and ideas to [email protected]
We'll get back to you soon. What would you like to see in our app? Let us know!

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