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Free Up Space on Your Phone with Play Store's New App Archiving Feature


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Free Up Space on Your Phone with Play Store's New App Archiving Feature

In a bid to simplify the management of storage space on your smartphone, Google has introduced an effortless toggle for app archiving within the Play Store settings.

This innovative auto app archive feature harnesses Android's App Bundle format to shrink app packages, potentially saving up to 60% of your phone's storage capacity, all without sacrificing any valuable data.

This article explores this handy feature, how it works, and how to make the most of it to declutter your device.


The Need for App Archiving:

Over time, your smartphone's storage can become cluttered with apps you rarely use.

Google addresses this issue with a new app archiving option in the Play Store.

Easy Access to Auto App Archiving:

Previously, auto archiving activated when your storage was critically low.

Now, Google has simplified the process by adding a toggle in Play Store settings.

Find it in the Play Store settings under "General."

Leveraging the App Bundle Format:

Auto app archiving utilizes Android's App Bundle format.

This format allows developers to send only the necessary files to your device, conserving bandwidth and storage.

With auto archiving enabled, your phone can further reduce package sizes, potentially saving up to 60% of storage space.

No need to uninstall apps!

How Archived Apps Appear:

Archived apps remain on your home screen but are marked with a small cloud icon to signify they're not fully accessible.

Access archived apps through the Manage apps & device panel in the Play Store, under the "Manage" tab.

Use the new "Archived" filter to display only archived apps.

Wide Availability:

The auto archive option is now widely available.

Many users have reported seeing it in Play Store versions 37.4 and 37.5.

It may also be accessible on different versions, possibly through a server-side update rather than a full app update.

Additional Measures:

Google introduces another measure for apps you haven't used in three months.

After this period, permissions are automatically revoked, and notifications are halted.

This preserves privacy and battery life.

It is distinct from app archiving and doesn't affect local usability.

Conclusion: With Google's new auto app archiving feature, you can effortlessly reclaim valuable storage space on your smartphone. This straightforward toggle in the Play Store settings allows you to be proactive about managing your device's storage, ensuring you keep essential apps while minimizing their impact on storage capacity. Try it out today and enjoy a clutter-free smartphone experience!

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