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Code Recipes v2.37 Premium]


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Code Recipes v2.37 Premium]
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: Available languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, C++, Swift, Golang and Kotlin

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✓ Learning language syntax on specific code examples. How to get a substring? How to declare a generalized method? These and over 250 of other code samples for each language are available in the application.

✓ The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time. Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application

✓ You don`t know which programming language to choose? The application can compare syntax from every example in different programming languages and make a balanced decision during choosing a programming language.

✓ This is an excellent help for those who often use several programming languages. The application reduces the time required to switch to a different syntax.

✓ The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in different programming languages.

✓ Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues.

✓ Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in one or another programming language.

✓ In the application, basic examples for all programming languages are available free of charge. About 45% of examples are available at an additional cost.

PREMIUM Unlocked
Optimized resources
Languages: 'en' 'de' 'en' 'fr' 'it' 'ja' 'ko' 'ru' 'vi' 'zh' 'zh-CN' 'zh-HK'
Architectures: Universal

What's New:
This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.
Started adding Rust language.

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