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Seal - YouTube Downloader v1.8.0 [Final]


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Seal - YouTube Downloader v1.8.0 [Final]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Video/Audio downloader for Android.



    Download videos and audio files from video platforms supported by yt-dlp (formerly youtube-dl).

    Embed metadata and video thumbnail into extracted audio files supported by mutagen.

    Download all videos in the playlist with one click.

    Use embedded aria2c as external downloader for all your downloads.

    Embed subtitles into the downloaded videos.

    Execute custom yt-dlp commands with templates.

    Manage in-app downloads and custom command templates.

    Easy to use and user-friendly.

    Material Design 3 style UI, with dynamic color theme.

    MAD: UI and logic written with pure Kotlin. Single activity, no fragments, only composable destinations.

What's New: 
Long-awaited new features, with a more colorful and fluid user interface

What's Changed

    Download to SD card
    Quick download in parallel
    Task dashboard & log page for custom commands
    Custom shortcuts for command templates
    Subtitle preferences
    Apply --embed-chapters for video downloads by default
    New color schemes for UI theming

    New transition animation between destinations
    Change minSdkVersion to 21 (Android 5.0)
    Accessibility improvements to components
    Revert playlist items limit in v1.7.3
    Scan the download directory to the system media library after running commands
    Change the LongClick operations of FormatItem to share the stream URLs

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